Pregnant with a Paraguard Iud? What Now?

Updated on June 04, 2012
F.M. asks from Anchorage, AK
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Hello all! I hope that someone has some helpful information for me. I have had a paraguard iud in place for about 5 years now. My husband has been travelling for work a lot in the last 4 months or so. My period has always been regular every month. Now it is about 5 days late. I took 3 EPT home pregancy tests over the last 3 days, and they all came back positive. I didn't realize this was even possible. My doctor wants we to wait a week, and take a blood test. I read that this could be very dangerous for the baby. What do I do now? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
I am a mom to 2 girls, ages almost 5 and 7. I am also married to the love of my life for almost 8 years. I don't want unnessicerily worry my husband, as he is gone for another month, but I'm not sure
what to do. Thank you very much in advance for any advice.

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So What Happened?

I thought I would give everyone a more up to date response. After several batteries of tests, and ultrasounds, I am now about 10 weeks pregnant. The doctors are unable to remove the IUD, and the providing that this pregnancy goes well, I will deviver via c- section at around 38 weeks or so. The pregnancy is very high risk, however the doctors seem to think that all be good, and have assured me that we will most likely be adding another beautiful baby to our family in March. I would love to have any comments or questions from other women who have been in this situation. We are praying that everything will be good, and for the babies healthy birth. Thank you so much for reading this.

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answers from Anchorage on

I would call the doctor again and schedule a pregnancy test..don't ask..just do have to go to the lab anyway..not to him before the results come schedule a pregnancy test. You never know what could happen with an IUD in..if the embryo settles in the wrong spot...yikes..just schedule it..and then deal with the doc. You can be a worried mama and still right!

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answers from Denver on

Um you ARE pregnant! There aren't false positives with home tests!
My OB told me she sees more pregnancies in her office with IUD's than any other form of birth control!
You need to go in right away, get a test and get it out!
If your OB isn't willing to see you then get a new OB ASAP!
Good Luck!

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answers from Sioux Falls on

Get to your clinic ASAP and get the IUD out! Also schedule an ultrasound as soon as possible, like Monday! There is a chance of tubal pregnancy, when you get pregnant with an IUD. Very dangerous and painful. Go to your clinic this morning and insist on being seen!

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answers from Seattle on

Yep, you are pregnant.
Your doctor should have given you an ultrasound instead of waiting for a blood test. He must determine if this is a viable uterine pregnancy or an ectopic, which is a higher risk on the IUD.

If it is a viable uterine pregnancy you will have to make some decisions.
There are three options: leave the IUD and the pregnancy in place, take out the IUD and see what happens or take out the IUD and terminate the pregnancy.

If you are against termination and wish to carry the pregnancy to term I would STRONGLY recommend seeing a doctor that has experience with this! There is risk of miscarriage with both leaving the IUD in place and with taking it out.
You should be given an ultrasound to determine how the IUD is located in your uterus in relation to the embryo. If it is "behind" the embryo, you will most certainly miscarry, if you have it removed.
If it is "next to" or "below" the embryo it might be removed more easily. If you wish to keep this pregnancy the IUD should be removed very carefully and under ultrasound guidance, an experienced practitioner should be able to do this while trying to leave your pregnancy intact. No guarantees though...
Overall it is better (for your health) to have it removed but I personally believe that you need to know that leaving it in place is an option if that is your wish.
If you and your doctor decide to leave it in place, you will be more susceptible to pregnancy complications such as premature birth, infection and stillbirth, but the copper IUD is not believed to cause birth defects.

I hope everything turns out well.
Good luck.

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answers from Phoenix on

I got pregnant while having a Paragaurd too. The doctor removed mine as I was only days pregnant. It sounds like you'd be further along, is your Dr. very experienced with this IUD? If not, I'd get a second opinion from someone who removes them often like Planned Parenthood.

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answers from Seattle on

When I called my doctor's office with this exact same situation, they had me in for an ultrasound that day and scheduled an appointment for me to have it removed the next day. I would insist on the doctor doing something now if I were you.

Everything turned out fine and I have a healthy 10 month old baby.



answers from Boston on

If your doctor seems unconcerned with your concerns it seems like it is time to find a new doctor. In the mean time, I'd go to the hospital/clinic/ Planned Parenthood. I had an issue with my IUD getting lodged and my doctor at the time was on vacation, his on call was not concerned. I found a new doctor that day!!!! It was out that afternoon. Best wishes to you and the baby.


answers from Rochester on

Tubal pregnancies are a slightly higher risk with an IUD, so I agree that I would not be comfortable until I had that out and an ultrasound to make sure everything was okay. They won't be able to see anything of the baby at this point except that it is where it should be, but that would be enough. My doctor has never done a blood test to confirm pregnancy, but always had me take an at-home urine test and then an in-office urine test. Pregnancy is always a possibility if you are sexually active, even tubal ligations are not 100% effective. I hope you get some satisfying answers soon and can give your husband an unexpected, but happy, surprise.



answers from Los Angeles on

Oh my I'm in the same situation. I'm almost 8 weeks pregnant with and IUD paraguard and I'm so scared. They cant remove the IUD they tried. My next appointment is next week but I was told that I will deliver natural and in alot of cases the IUD would come right with the placenta. So is this safe for the baby??? High risk pregnancy WHY? because you can misscarry the baby at any time. I never thought this would happen but here i am hoping that god helps us through this. Please help me out you may know a little more than what i know so far. My due date is April 23
LOL....Im in shock also...this is also my fifth child!!!! I though IUD was the best birth control out their!



answers from Seattle on

Yeah... womenhave the same statistical probability of getting preggers on paraguard that they do after having a tubal. Meaning that it happens, but is just very very rare. (Many many more women end up pregnant with Mirena).

When pregnancies on paraguard DO happen, they tend to either be tubal pregnancies OR the iud has lodged in the uterine wall. Both of which need *experienced* medical attention.

Ina outlined the 3 "what happens next" perfectly, so I won't repeat.



answers from Portland on

I had a friend who was pregnant with an IUD. It is a bit risky when they have to remove the IUD, but hers turned out just fine with a healthy pregnancy! Good luck and God Bless!



answers from Richland on

I second everyone's answers that you either need to get a new doctor or call him again and get him to do an ultrasound. You need to make SURE that it isn't a tubel pregnancy. If it is, it can rupture your tube as early as 6 weeks along and that can be very scary.

I had a friend who got pregnant with a Paragurad IUD, and her doctor chose to wait until the 16 week mark to remove the IUD.

Also, I would talk to your husband. I know he is far away and you don't want to "worry him", but if it were my husband, he would feel sad that I didn't tell him. Even though it is your body, this is his family too. It may make you feel better if you know you can talk to him about your concerns. Good Luck !



answers from Corvallis on

Hi, several years ago, I had a paraguard IUD in and got pregnant as well. I loved it as a form a birth control and I believe what happened what I was placed on daily antibiotics by my dermatologist and that did something to it's effectiveness. Anyway, my OB at the time suggested that we abort due to the dangers to the baby and the mom. Additionally, because I didn't expect to get pregnant I was drinking and of course taking the antibiotics, all things that could have adversely affected the fetus. The OB told me that often just removing the IUD causes a miscarriage, but to be sure I had a D&C after. What I don't understand about your OB is their reluctance to get you in ASAP to do the blood test. The sooner you know for sure the sooner you and your husband can make the choice that is best for you. If your OB won't do it, go to your PCP and request a blood test to be sure. good luck to you.



answers from Dallas on

Well I too have the paragarud IUD and I'm a week late and took a home pg test and It's postivie took a trip to the E.R were I was told I'm 2 to 3 weeks Pregnant with our fifth child. I'm in shock.



answers from Seattle on

I also recently found out that I am 7 weeks pregnant after 14 months using paraguard IUD. At 6 weeks I had the IUD removed. My HCG levels were at 2700 and when I went for an ultrasound initially I was diagnosed with a 'blighted ovum'. One week later the sonagram was repeated and a fetus with heartbeat of 124 bpm showed up. What aboutI birth defects? I am a mother of two 10 and 7 years old we did not expect another child and not wanting another, thus the IUD. I hacve been trying to find information on how many paragard pregnancies actually result in a healthly full term birth and can't find anything. I am also considering the possibility of sueing so that the unexpected child will be financialky cared for seeing as we were not expecting another child. These companies need to take monetary responsibility for their failure.



answers from Portland on

I think you've gotten great answers so far. I'll just share my experience to add to the info from others. I got pregnant with twins when I had a paraguard in. My OB took the IUD out the day we found out (4 1/2 weeks pregnant I think?) and then did an ultrasound 3 days later to check for the position of the baby (to make sure it wasn't ectopic). That's when he discovered there were two babies! So, from my experience, I would say you want an ultrasound soon although I've heard stories of people's doctor's choosing to keep the IUD in and delivering it with the baby. I don't know if that is just something that used to be done but isn't any more if it depends on the position of the baby in relation to the position of the IUD. Good luck!

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