Can U Become Pregnant with Iud

Updated on April 15, 2010
A.G. asks from Sarasota, FL
9 answers

as anyone become pregnant with an iud if so what did you do?? thanks :)

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answers from Minneapolis on

became pregnant after a car accident with the Mirena IUD it had moved and got inbedded in the uterus. Ended is a MC at just about 8 weeks only 9 weeks after my accident. Not fun. Will never do IUD again.

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answers from Kansas City on

Abstinence is the only sure fire way to NOT get pregnant! If you think you're pregnant take a test right away. If it's positive call your doctor immediately. You can still have a healthy baby, but you need to know what to do b/c the extra hormones, etc. in your BC can cause harm if untreated.



answers from San Diego on

It depends on the IUD. Anyone can get pregnant if the IUD becomes imbedded (rare). The Mirena has a much higher failure rate than the Paraguard, because it's affected by antibiotics. The Paraguard has a slightly better failure rate than a tubal ligation. (Aka, you're more likely to get pregnant if you have a tubal, than with coppertop). BUT pregnancy with either the Mirena or Paraguard is possible.

This is an OB question. I know of one mum who was pregnant (didn't know it, too early to test pos) when the Paraguard was inserted, and she carried to term with the IUD and had no problems. I know several mums who've aborted with the Mirena... but don't know if it was personal choice, or because the hormones in the Mirena cause birth defects.

So check with your OB.



answers from Miami on

The Mirena IUD is 99% just like the pill, so there is a 1% chance. The copper IUD is 99-96% depending on how long you've had it. I had one (Mirena) for 2 years before I got it removed to have another child and I had a friend who had one for 5 years. There are obviously people out there who fall into the 1%-4%.



answers from Huntsville on

I haven't, but they do say it's possible. If you think you are you should call your doctor ASAP!!


answers from Fort Walton Beach on

Look at their website. I have been to Merina's website and it gave a disclaimer that they are not sure exactly how it works. I still have it and have been on it for four years now. I really like it since I don't get my periods anymore and I don't have to remember the pill / patch / ring. I don't remember well on anything.

Good luck with whatever you pick :)


answers from Tampa on

A friend of mine has had her IUD for 5+ years and found out at 2 months along she was pregnant. She had her IUD removed shortly before her 3 months mark and is almost 5 months now - so far no issues.

ONLY way not to get pregnant is abstinance... and that is definitely not a feasible or realistic goal.

Vasectomies are good too... just no unportected sex for 6 months after the procedure!



answers from Boston on

I do know someone that got pregnant with an IUD. She has a healthy 2 year old little girl now.



answers from Tampa on

yes- see your doctor asap

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