Feeling Pregnant After a Tubal Ligation. Pregnant or PMS

Updated on July 22, 2010
C.T. asks from Winston Salem, NC
14 answers

Feeling a little crazy, had a tubal ligation 7 years ago & am feeling pregnant a week before my period is due. Anyone out there experienced pregnancy after a tubal?

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So What Happened?

So far, all test are neg including the blood at the dr. Yesterday.lots of pain may be gas related. No period yet.

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answers from Greensboro on

Well, I can tell you that I work in the ED at Baptist and more than once I have told moms that they are pregnant after a tubal. It is rare, but it does happen. Wishing you the best of luck either way!! If God thinks you need another one I think He can get right through a tubal! :)



answers from Knoxville on

Although I have not, my friend did. Several others who had their TL performed by the same surgeon had the same experience. She ended up in the emergency room in severe pain so I would encourage you to find out early if you are pregnant.



answers from Chattanooga on

It can happen, and the younger you are when you have the tubal done, the higher the risk that it could happen. Your body continues to grow. Depending on what has happened, your tubes could have grown back and you could be pregnant. If this happens you need to go to the doctor ASAP, because there is a VERY high chance that the pregnancy could be ectopic. I wish the best for you and please keep us updated!



answers from Raleigh on

When you say tubal ligation, are your tubes cut, burned, and tied or just cut and tied. There are several forms of tubal ligation and most people who experience pregnancy after the procedure are those who had the tubes cut and tied vs. cut, burned and tied. Like everyone else, if it is a major concern ALWAYS check with your doctor.



answers from Memphis on

I had a tubal pregnancy after having my tubes tied; I found after I was in serious pain and had to be transported to the hospital. I lost the baby before I even realized I was pregant, was still having my normal cycle. Just take the test. My tubes had been tied for two years when it happened to me; I then had them burned and tied. Even after that I had another scare when I thought I was pregnant again, turns out it was my hormones off balance and took meds to get back on track.



answers from Charlotte on

I have seen at least one viable interuterine preganancy after tubal ligation (7 years after, actually) and MULTIPLE ectopic pregnancies after tubals. Take a pregnancy test and see your doctor if your symptoms continue.



answers from Raleigh on

A friend of mine got pregnant 3 years after her tubes got tied. When she went to the doctor , turned out they tied tube and a vessal by mistake.I know it's very rare, but mistakes happen.



answers from Nashville on

The tests are so precise now days and can show positive very early. Go get a test so you will know for sure and quit worrying.



answers from Johnson City on

Most likely you're not. It can happen, but the chances are small. I know how you feel though, my husband had a vasectomy 3 years ago and there are cycles I would swear I was knocked up until aunt flow came knocking on the door. But PMS can mimic pregnancy, and vice versa. The best thing to do is take a test if you miss the first day of your period and go from there.



answers from Huntington on

Hi, I have heard of women getting pregnant after a tubal especially after many years. My friend had a tubal and 13 years later got pregnant again because the tubes can regenerate themselves.

I did however feel pregnant last year and freaked out, I also had a tubal a few years back, I missed my period for 2 months with constant feeling of being prego and after numerous pregnancy tests that were all negative I took an appt with my doc and found out it was an ovarian problem that was causing my hormones to mess up my whole system. Now I'm on natural hormone therapy and getting back to normal but its a long battle with many ups and downs physically and mentally.

I would take a PG test and if its neg and you're still feeling prego go see your doc. They can do a blood test that is 100% accurate to tell you whether or not you're pregnant and if you aren't they will be able to asses the problem and see if theres another issue that could be causing the problems you're having.

I never knew how powerful our hormones were until I started having an imbalance, it can really mess with your body and mind.

Anyways, I hope this helps




answers from Chattanooga on

I haven't experienced this myself, but I've heard of it happenening every now and then. I knew a girl in elementary school who was the product of a pregnancy after her mother had had a tubal....however, she would have been born about 30 years ago, so I'm sure they've gotten better since then.

I read that 5 in 1,000 women get pregnant after a tubal. Be really careful and get this checked out...b/c if you are indeed pregnant, then you have a much higher risk of having a tubal pregnancy, which can be very dangerous for you. While I've felt pregnant MANY times right before my period, I'd still have it checked out if I were you. Just take a test!!



answers from Jacksonville on

I have not, but I know several who have. I would suggest buying an at home pregnancy test. Otherwise, you will drive yourself crazy for the next week.



answers from Louisville on

ive heard that its not that uncommon wait until you are supposed to start then take a test good luck



answers from Bakersfield on

I had a tubal in May (just a few months ago) The doctor told me 6 wks "vaginal rest" because they removed an IUD at the same time. Ever since I was 11, my periods have been predictable no matter what contraceptive I was on. If I started on the 20th, next month I will start on the 18th. Last month, I started on the 14th (my first "predictable" period after my TL.) It was even in line with the one I had on the 16th of May. So far, I am 2 wks late. did the home preggy test, negative. But when I was preggy with my son I was 6 mos along before I tested positive even at the Dr. Because of that, I was denied treatment for my pregnancy because eventhough I was a stick and they could see my belly getting bigger every time I came in for verification, since i tested negative for the hormone, they refused a fetal heart monitor or an ultrasound knowing a trip to the emergency room for a uti had an ultrasound that said I was. It was ridiculous. If my son weren't born healthy, I would have been showing up at every doctors office I went to with a lawyer and a malpractice law suit. Now I have an appt tomorrow. I won't let the past repeat itself. If I test negative, I WILL MAKE THEM do an ultrasound or something. But I know that my grandmother was cut tied and soddered as well and she had my father a year later. So it is definitly possible.

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