Okay Embarrasing Question but I'm Curious!!??

Updated on September 02, 2011
C.A. asks from Dallas, GA
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So I had an IUD placed in May. I haven't had any issues per say other than the first month being a real doozy of a period. My cycles are pretty consistent but notice that some months it might be 24 days or 28 days or 29 days, etc. However it's a pretty steady cycle if that makes sense. Well anyways my last period was August 8th. I started to feel crampy earlier in the week and my boobs were sore....but they were really sore more than usual. I didn't think too much about it though well so I was at work yesterday and began cramping and I had to go to the bathroom to put on a pad because a brown spotting appeared. Well the rest of the day I never ever bled again. Nothing and even still today nothing-no blood. However I am not feeling well today and have experienced some (SORRY) diarrhea. Not uncommon for me sometimes it happens before a period. However I still haven't really started my period. Do you think I could be pregnant? Do you think I shouild just wait a few days and see what happens or should I go buy a pregnancy test? Even with an IUD though wouldn't I end up miscarrying it anyways????

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So What Happened?

I just went to my OB/GYN last Thursday and he checked it and said everything seemed to be okay-although I'm quite sure things can happen in between......I also forgot to mention I am on the non-hormal type the copper one and so far I have loved it-like I said the first month was a doozy but the rest so far have been okay.

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answers from Cleveland on

I've had Paraguard in since last October. No side effects except the heavy period thing. Which is normal.
My cycle does the same thing you are talking about.
Every few months or so I would get this issue too.
I would know that my period was supposed to hit on , lets say the 13th, By the 17th..nothing. Some cramping, that lil bit of brown that you are talking about too.
Then I would get a FULL on period.
I was scared shitless that I was pregant.
It IS possible, but very rare. Most of the time they do end up in miscarriage. Or they can be even more dangerous, most can be ectopic pregnancies.

I would say, if you are really worried, take a test.

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answers from Detroit on

I think I would call my OB/GYN and get checked. Of course they may say oh that is normal but really you should get checked out. I had an IUD back int he day when they were fairly new I had heavy periods that lasted 2 and 3 weeks terrible cramping and bloating I felt terrible when I got my second one I could barely stand up my pain in my back was so bad the Dr. said oh that is normal Ummmm no it isn't I wanted it out he said oh just take this medicine it will help I couldn't stand it anymore so I had it removed he tried to get me not to have it removed he said what will you do about birth control I said NOTHING my husband can take care of it he said he won't like it I said tooooooo bad I have damaged my body enough. So please get checked as soon as you can.

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answers from Chicago on

I have had "brownish" one time or one day periods with my IUD ... it's the urine and such flusing out the small amount of blood that dried in route because IUD's often lessen your periods after a while. I would call your doc if you are concerned. And no, you can still get and be preg with an IUD in my doc told me that she gave birth to a baby actually holding the IUD and was "playing" with it in the sonnograms.

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answers from Richmond on

IUDs, particulary Mirena, are the devil. It's probably all just side effects; I'd have it removed. I was miserable with mine... but felt normal again 3 days after having it taken out. I was a whole new person! You wouldn't believe it!

And of course you COULD be pregnant, but my guess is that your body is just hating that IUD. I hope you feel better!

PS... one of my girlfriends cousins got pregnant and carried a baby to term with an IUD... the baby came out HOLDING THE IUD... true story! I didn't believe it myself until I saw the delivery video!



answers from Augusta on

I have an IUD and I haven't had a period in several years.
They can stop your period. But usually after the first year. At least from the women I've talked to. I have all my pms symptoms but no period



answers from Spartanburg on

I have an IUD and rarely get full-blown periods anymore. Something like 30-40% of people stop having periods altogether. So more than likely that spotting was your "period."


answers from Dallas on

i have the paragard not sure if that's the one you have too but I will tell you at first my periods were right on and then they started getting later and later. I went from 28 days to 32 days to 40 days. Yep major freak out. I wouldn't worry though. The IUD I have has the same failure rate as aa tubal. Give your doc a call



answers from Augusta on

You can get pregnant with an IUD, although it is rare, less that 1% per year. You wouldn't necessarily miscarry, but you would have a higher risk of a tubal pregnancy.

I would wait a few more days then consider a pregnancy test.



answers from San Francisco on

I got pregnant on an IUD once. But that was a long time ago, and IUD's have changed since then. I don't think you would necessarily miscarry, but they would have to remove the IUD. I assume they can do that without interrupting the pregnancy, but that's only an assumption.


answers from St. Louis on

I talked about IUDs with my OB. She said it is common to stop having periods altogether. I have no personal experience mind you.



answers from Athens on

My cousin got pregnant with an IUD and her daughter is 9.

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