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Updated on May 06, 2010
A.R. asks from Denver, CO
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so i got this pregnancy test from walgr.....s its the ept digital walgreens brand, i took the test and it showed me see leaflet.what the hell..i dont know whats the supposed to mean? and i took the strip out, and i looked at it, and it showed one dark line and one half medium dark line??? not sure another thing i been taking birth control pills so i can get my period and i am done with them, and no period only had some dark brown dis charge and some bloody dis charge for 2 days nothing havey like a normal period.... and thats all...anyone can help me plzzzzzz

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answers from Washington DC on

I used to buy the preg. test that cost $10.00.
This time around I saw here on mamapedia that
lots of mama's get the preg. tests at the dollar tree and dollar general
well I did it and I waited until I was 1 day late and the test from the dollar tree for $1.00 said positive.
= )
Right now I am a little over three months pregnant.

So it doesn't really matter what test you get and from where, if you are preg. then it will say yes and if you are not then it will say no ~ but if you want to be preg. then keep trying.

I wish you great success with this and God bless and take care.

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answers from Flagstaff on

Get another test. Or go to a doctor or clinic and get a pregnancy test done so you know for sure. Lots of clinics do it for free.

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answers from Kansas City on

Not sure, but I would get another test! I have always used Clearblue Easy. I love the Clearblue Easy digital ones. There are no lines to try to read. They say "pregnant" or "not pregnant" They have never been wrong for me!

Best of Luck

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answers from Phoenix on

How do you breast feel? tender? ful?, go to another brand of drug store and get their self test. My daughter did self test three times, to be sure. Kay about to be grandmother June 21

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answers from Tucson on

I have always used the dollar store tests and they have always been acurate. How long have you been off the pill? If it is just recent than you wouldnt have a normal period. Coming off the pill you can miss for a few months. However you should keep checking to see if you are prego. I missed for 4 months and got prego with my son and never had a period. I missed afetr the pill for 2 months and got prego with my daughter and never had a peroid.

Unfortunatly that can make it hard for judging your due date. The doctors had to rely on blood tests and sonos to determine how far along I was with both my kids.

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