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Updated on October 07, 2010
C.K. asks from Saint Albans, VT
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i have done so much research on evap line omg its making me crazy LOL i took a test last night and totally forgot about it, about a hr later i went back and saw a blue thin line, it wasnt grey or like a gohst shadow def blue just a thin faint one. so i decided to do the same today ( this am) well it looked a like a light line starting to form but i dunno, its been a hr and i look at it and its got a blue line for sure just thin and light...ugh its makin me nutts!! i know all about the time thing and so on lol, but ive read about some positives (early in PG that have done that and they are pregnant. has anyone had this happen>? i will post a few pics using my web cam but not to sure how good it will come out. thanks

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So What Happened?

at the bottom are two links of the pics i took of it. I am gonna re test i just wanted someone elses opinion. i knew about the evaporation line but just wasnt sure because mine was blue. it sat there for hr, when i first peed on it i thought i saw something kinda like a vauge shadow but i was alike ahhhh i gotta go look again, and it could have been 4 min but this is what it looked like. also i tested yesterday and it was the same thing. thanks for your kind words :)


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answers from Washington DC on

If there is a faint line that indicates you are pregnant , then yes you are pregnant , just very early so this is why it is faint.

I hope this is the news you wanted!

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answers from Springfield on

Look- the test detects a protein that is there in pregnant women but not in non-pregnant women and either you have a little or a lot but non-pregnant women don't have any. You are pregnant! Congratulations!

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answers from San Francisco on

I don't understand much of what you are asking....could you please re-phrase.


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answers from Spokane on

I took the same test. Got the same line. Had a baby. You're pregnant.

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answers from Honolulu on

take another test, but set a timer and check it exactly when the test recommends. Letting the test sit too long can give you a false reading. If you get the same light colored line again, then you are pregnant. Good luck. :)

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answers from Atlanta on

There is definitely a line, and if it was in the time window, I'd say pregnant. But since you took the picture outside of the time window - it could be an evap line. Blue dye tests are notorious for those. I would recommend getting a digital or pink dye test.

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answers from Boston on

I know you have alot of replies but I had the same outcome. It took another week for the line to darken and still wasn't very dark when I found out I PG with my daughter. A line is a line no matter how faint the hormones are beong detected.



answers from Boston on

The test should be read in the time frame indicated. If even a very faint line appears, then you are pregnant. If the test was left overnight before being read it cannot be trusted. Sometimes if you are watching the urine pass across the pad a thin line seems to appear at the edge of the wet mark as the urine moves across, however, this disappears by the time the urine has been completely absorbed (within 30 seconds) unless you are actually pregnant.



answers from Harrisburg on

Why don't you buy a new test that says the words "Pregnant" and "Not Pregnant"...Those seem to take the guess work out of it.


answers from Dallas on

I hate blue line tests too. Do this: Go to Dollar Tree and get 2 or 3 $1 tests (I swear by these things!). Take one today to make you feel better. Check it within 5 minutes and see if it still has a faint line. I had a faint positive, so I knew I was pregnant. Went to the doc, their test was negative. Blood test was negative. Took another dollar store test a few days later and there it was! A dark positive line! Those dollar store tests are sometimes better than the doctor's tests. :) Good luck!



answers from Tampa on

I used a blue line test once, and I swear it was a faint positive - the top half of the + sign was faintly there, but no bottom line. So I rechecked with a pink line test which was negative. I can't remember if I just skipped that month or started a little bit after those test (I have PCOS so I can be irregular). Anyway, I would try a pink line test the next time you test. Good luck!!!


answers from Houston on

My mom worked at a pregnancy assistance center and one time they had a girl come in and her test seemed negative and they told her it was. It was on the counter for about a half an hour and when they went to clean up, there was a faint line, and the young lady came in a week later, took a test and was in fact prego! I have had the whole evaporation line, and there is usually no color to it, literally all you can see is a faint shadowy line, kind of greyish. So I think the fact there is blue there is suspicious;) Anyway, why not just wait a week and take another test. If you can't stand it I have read that our HCG levels double every other day, so you could just wait a couple days even. But I think if you wait a week and you still have this faint line showing up after the fact, you are most likely not pregs. Of course if you are really wanting to get some info asap, you can go and get a blood test at the dr I believe. So I wish you the best!!! Of course in a few weeks you can know for sure no matter what, so whatever the outcome it won't be too much longer before you know:)



answers from Washington DC on

Oh how I HATE blue line tests! LOL Ok...go out and buy a "First Response" PINK line test...they are so much more accurate. When my son was just 3 months old, I was worried I could be preggo and got the Clearblue Easy ones on sale...and spent a day in tears because I thought it could be positive...actually THEY...2 of them showed a faint blue line. The next day I went out and got my reliable FRER (First Response) tests and NEGATIVE! Whew! can be tough to get a clear + or - on the blue tests if it's early.
Good luck for the answer you want!



answers from Boston on

The first time I was pregnant, it was a faint blue line. In my humble opinion, if you're getting a line, you're probably pregnant. Call your doc!



answers from Lincoln on

I know its hard, but wait a few days and retest. Your line should be more pronounced.
If its a "disappearing positive" then its most likely negative



answers from Columbus on

Most Pregnancy tests are invalid after 10 mins.... So, I wouldn't wait an hour to read results.

Good luck


answers from Seattle on

Why do you keep waiting for an hour before you are checking the lines? I guess I am confused if you did that again this morning.
But, if you took that picture within the first 5-10 minutes than your test says you are prego. Go to the dr!



answers from St. Louis on

I'm confused I guess. I took Blue dye tests for my pregnancy (all three of them because my boyfriend couldn't believe that I was really pregnant). I had actual plus signs indicating that I was pregnant. When I had used them before, I got minus signs, much like what your pictures look like, and was never pregnant. Is there different types of test that don't require a plus sign? Or am I missing something?

Maybe I just can't see the vertical lines that well. I know when I took mine and got a positive (and I was only a day late) I got a thick blue line that was just as wide as the horizontal.



answers from Boston on

They do say that any line is a line, even a light one. I've had many friends go on to have healthy pregnancies after having faint positives. I can't tell you if yours is an evap line or not (you really do have to read the test withing five mins). The easiest thing (but trust me, I know waiting can be HARD!) is to wait a few days and test again.

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