I Took Two Pregnancy Test Two Negative ?

Updated on October 16, 2010
C.T. asks from Greenville, NC
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I took two pregnancy test on weds and got a very very faint positive, then i took two more on Thursday which were negative. My period was due today, but I haven't gotten it yet. I was wondering if anyone else has had a positive, then negative tests and still ened up being pregnant. I am afraid I may just be testing too early?

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So What Happened?

i just got b/k for the doctor they did a pregnancy test and it was nagative so maybe im not :(

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answers from Redding on

The first day of my last period was August 14, 2009. I took my first pregnancy test on September 8th. I too had a very, very faint pink line show up! The line was so faint in fact that I threw it away until my sister said that I had to look at it very carefully and up close. I could barely see it. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me! I eagerly took another test within minutes hoping for a darker more definite line! Sadly it looked the same. Frustrated, I went to the store and bought one of those digital pregnacy tests that read Pregnant or Not Pregnant. I took the digital test that same day and it read Not Pregnant. I was dissapointed... The instructions said to wait three days and then test again preferably in the morning if you still think that you may be pregnant. That is what I did. Three days later I tested in the morning and it said Pregnant! I was crying and rushed to my bedroom to tell my husband. For me the digital one showed positive twelve days after conception. I am now 23 weeks along with twins!- A boy and a girl! (:

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answers from Bellingham on

I took 7 tests with each of my kids and got a few positives and a few negatives (I was paranoid I was wrong and my doc wasn't in the office). Finally I bought one of the ones that says "Pregnant" "Not Pregnant" it was a no fail for me. It was a little more expensive but my husband reasoned that it would prevent the purchase of another 7 tests

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Greensboro on

The ONLY way you can EVER get a positive response on an EPT is if you have pregnancy hormone in your urine. The ONLY way your body makes pregnancy hormone is if you were pregnant recently (it takes a while for it to leave your system), or you are taking medication that contains pregnancy hormone (the pill) or you are pregnant.

If your doctor only did a urine test, then he used the same product you bought at the dollar tree, but in bulk so he got it cheaper than you did. It's just as accurate as yours. If he did a blood test and it came up negative, then it's pretty clear you aren't pregnant.

I still wonder why you got a faint positive on Wed. Before the baby finds its way to the uterus (womb) you are pregnant but the baby is in the fallopian tube. That takes about a week. Before the missed period is pretty early. If EPTs cost half a weeks wage, you'd wait like we did thirty years ago! I have twelve children and I know how excited you are and how you want to know. It's a good time to rest and know that it's out of your hands and take care of your mind and body so you can be a healthy vessel for a baby to grow in. It's good practice to being a good mother. This won’t be the last time you’ll need to REST, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Fretting is counter productive.

Keep us posted. I want to do the snoopy dance for you!

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answers from Milwaukee on

i wouldn't trust those tests, when i was pregnant i took one and it came up negative, than i went to the doctor a week later and found out i was ten weeks pregnant, i would suggest making an appt with a doctor or clinic... they say the best time to take a test is first thing in the morning, and i'm guessing if you drank a lot of water to make urself pee for two tests, you may have diluted yourself into a false negative.

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answers from Detroit on

Yes I did it ended up being a miscarriage...Or chemical pregnancy...I got a pos. than a few days later a neg..Got blood work confirmed chemical pregnancy..



answers from Memphis on

This sounds almost exactly like me the first time I was pregnant!

I "felt pregnant" so took a preg. test on Wednesday (wasn't sure if I was supposed to have started Wed. or Thur.), which was negative... as was the one on Friday. When Sunday morning came with no period, I took a *3rd* test, which had a very faint positive. Since I had a double-pack of tests, I took the 4th test on Monday expecting to have a much stronger line, but it came back negative. So I waited another two days, and on Wednesday, I took yet another test, which was a normal-strength positive. He's now 5 y/o. :-)

The more concentrated your urine, the higher the percentage of hCG is in it; so use first-morning urine (assuming you haven't peed in the middle of the night), and/or wait for several hours after the last time you used the bathroom and don't drink a whole lot, so that the urine isn't very diluted.



answers from Nashville on

I had the same thing happen to me. It was about 4 days before my period and I bought a 3 pack of early detection pregnancy tests. I didn't realize that one of them was digital and that happened to be the first one I tried. It said positive. Well an hour later I took another one that was regular. It was negative! I waited until the next morning and the third one was negative too! Well after about 8 tests and all w/ different answers I went to the doctor when I was a few days late. That's when I found out that I WAS pregnant! I don't know if it was the time of day that I took them or if some were just better than others but I would go to the doctor and find out for sure!



answers from Johnson City on

im about in the same boat i was supposed to start mine by the 6th and have taken 5 test and all negative but still havent started and i even took a few first thing in the morning ny best suggestion and thos is what im doing go have a blood test done but i have been told that if you have been on the pill it can cause you to miss a pierod and there are more false possitives than negatives ive been told its very rare to et a false negative set up an appointment for a blood test if you are worried about it.



answers from Charleston on

There is such a thing as an "evaporation line". Did you read the test after the time limit? If you read a test right at the 2 minute mark then fine but if you wait till 5 or 10 minutes later then its no good to read the test anymore. You have to read it right at the time it says to no later. Once your pee is dry on the test a positive line will appear on the test no matter if you are pregnant or not its just so faint most never notice it. Id wait till your are at least a day or 2 late then test again and maybe go for a blood test..



answers from Cleveland on

Wait a few days and go get a digital one. In Ohio Walmart has 5 of them for 20 dollars. Which isn't as bad as some of the drugstores. I like clear blue easy. First response was always very confusing and made it hard to tell if the line was dark enough or if it was just my imagination seeing lines. LOL. I would wait a few days and go digital. :)

Best wishes,
M. W.

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