Wondfo Pregnancy Test, False Positive??

Updated on November 02, 2011
A.C. asks from Seattle, WA
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i started taking the mini pill on the 7th of october and missed a couple pills on accident. i havent been feeling very well so i took two wondfo pregnancy tests with my fmu and they came up faint positive.. i started noticing a line a few minutes after i dipped them. here's the picture of one of them:

anyways, the problem is that last month i took the same type of test (different batch) and they looked almost the same as they do here but i definitely didnt end up pregnant. has anyone else had problems with these tests? i dont know what to think because i dont know if this is for real or not. but my biggest worry is if i should continue taking my mini pill or stop taking it in case im pregnant.

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So What Happened?

i just went to thr bathroom and saw some stringy brown discharge. almost like the discharge that i get when im ovulating but its light brown

***it ended up being a false positive. turns out my tests were bad and created false positives because there was too much dye in the tests. i'm on a forum where this has happened to a handful of women with the same tests.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I am seeing the line...but I don't trust any test other then the dollar tree tests. Never ever have they steared me wrong

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answers from Raleigh on

I would go and buy a different brand. First Response is a pretty good test to try, and gives you early results. Good luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I see the line but not sure. Like other posters have put, go get a dollar tree brand one. I've always had the best results with them.

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answers from Chicago on

When in doubt keep the test for dummies available...I.e. the digital ones that say Preg or not preg. That way there's no guessing. Yep expensive but you are not looking at the thing dumbfoundly :)



answers from Phoenix on

The progesterone only "mini pill" is less effective in preventing pregnancy than a combined oral contraceptive pill that contains both estrogen and progesterone. So missing a couple pills is a big risk for pregnancy as is taking them more than an hour later than usual on any given day. Because the risk of ectopic pregnancy is higher on the "mini pill" (about 10% of women who get pregnant while taking them), please take a traditional pregnancy test (dollar stores are just as accurate as the expensive ones according to research) and if it is positive, stop taking your pills and make an appointment at your Dr for a blood test/exam. Nurse Midwife Mom



answers from Savannah on

I would try a different brand, maybe even a digital one so there is no confusion. Also, when I was debating which birth control to use, I was told that the mini pill is not forgiving at all. According to my Gynecologist, you really have to make sure that the mini pill is taken every day, at the SAME time or you can get pregnant (even more of a risk than the regular pill). There is a good possibility that you are pregnant, and I'd think about other birth control options if you feel you cannot be consistent. Good luck!



answers from Chicago on

Go get a different test brand and make sure. Don't take another mini-pill until you take another test and find out for sure. My preg test with baby #1 was seriously a 1/2 line, very faint, and it resulted in my first child.



answers from Sacramento on

I'm someone who had a false positive test on a digital one. Seriously. Never knew it could happen until it did to me! Needless to say, I don't trust home tests at all now and recommend going in to the doctor's office to be sure.



answers from Seattle on

I used the same kind and had that same "line"... in my opinion, that's not a true line. Read the instructions... there is always a very faint line, almost like a texture change where the second line should be. When there is a second line, even if it's faint, it's darker than your pics.


answers from Eugene on

If you have a thyroid problem being on "the pill" will make you have normal fertility and you will get pregnant.
Wait a few more days. Then take the test again. If you have become pregnant and wish to have the baby Congratualtions. The Pill does not cause any trouble to your baby.



answers from Kansas City on

I don't know the wondfo brand. I do know that my 99 cent dollar store test has never let me down! Try a cheap 99 cent test, if positive, follow up with a more expensive brand to be sure (I had too,my husband refused to believe the test was positive because it was cheap! Silly man! He doesn't understand that aside from a certain HCG excreting tumor and very, very few drugs, there is slim to none chance of a false positive test.).

The mini pill doesn't have the same amount/type of hormone as the regular pill. Call your dr to be sure, but I do believe that taking the mini pill until you are certain is okay.

And, like Kelly said, the mini pill is VERY touchy because it is single hormone/low dose. Same time everyday. One missed pill raises your chances a lot, two or more and you might as well start buying onsies again!



answers from Detroit on

do you have a Dollar Tree near you? Go get some of their tests...$1 each and super sensitive. i had an hcg level of 97 when i was finishing an ectopic, and i took a test just to see if it would come up positive, and it did, very clearly.


answers from Richmond on

I'm seeing negative results.



answers from Seattle on

It could be a very early miscarriage.

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