Our Male Cat Is Urinating on Blankets, Stuufed Toys....

Updated on May 31, 2008
M.S. asks from Lincolnshire, IL
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Hello everyone. I hope someone can help us!! We have three cats, two 8 year females and one one year old male cat. Our one year old cat has been urinating on everything we leave on the floor. He will pee on blankets, towels, stuffed toys, etc... I have also seen him use the litter box. Could he be spraying? We did have him "fixed" when he was 4 months old. How do you get a cat to stop this behavoir?? Thanks for your help.

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So What Happened?

So, we did bring our cat to the vet to get him checked out. We got him about 8 months ago and were told he was nuetered. It turns out, he is NOT nutuered. I called the adoption agency immediatly, and they are going to nueter him for free! Hopefully this will solve oyr problem!!

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I have a 13 year old male cat that does this for 2 reasons. He will go on anything soft when he has a UTI. He also will go on the kids beds when they make him mad. If my little guy bothers him to much he will run upstairs and pee on his bed. Or if the dog makes him mad he'll pee on her blanket.

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Hi Karen,

the only time my cats have done this is when they are having trouble with their kidneys, bladder or urinary tract. I know this sounds stupid... but cats are smarter than we think. I firmly believe they will act out in this way to 'show' us there is a problem. I suspect the next request may be 'how to get pills into cat's mouth' :) Get one of those plunger type things, you put the pill in the open end and it's a plastic thing that goes in their mouth and saves your fingers from being chomped. Put it far enough back and kitty won't be able to spit it out.

I had to switch my little furry man to a special diet for urinary troubles. He would pee on towels, and rugs... whatever was on the floor. another female cat I had, I didn't notice she had blood in her urine until she pee'd on a newspaper.

So a lot of times this isn't typical defiant cat behavior. Get him to the vet. You will know it if he sprays - he will back up to furniture or whatever, and it smells absolutely horrid - it's not urine... but it's hard to get off furniture and walls. (He shouldn't have urges to spray anyway, since he was neutered before he was fully mature sexually)

good luck!

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From my own experience, there could be two problems. First, get him checked out by the vet, he may have an infection. After everything is cleared by the vet and the problem persists, examine any changes you've made to our house and life. ie moved, new family member, vacation, etc.

When our daughter was born it set my male cat off (we were very close). He began urinating on my daughter's things and then on my husband's. After 2 months he finally urinated on my husband while he was sleeping in bed and that did it. We ended up having to take him back to the shelter. Cat's can be very jealous creatures.



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We had a female cat that did this. We ended up having to throw out a chair because of this problem. We took her to the vet and had her checked for urinary infection, etc. They found nothing.. As we were leaving the office the assistant asked use if we had changed the brand of litter in the litter box. I said yes I changed from fresh step to a cheaper brand because of the cost factor. She said try changing back because some cat do not like that kind of changes in their lives. We changed back and Charcoal is doing fine and using the litter box without any problems. They could have recommended that before the $80. worth of tests. So if you have changed litters or added freshing powder or any change at all to the cat box change back before spending lots of $$$ at the vet.




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He could have a urinary tract infection or something. Our cat had this a few times and would pee on soft surfaces like you described. The first time we took him to the vet and he was put on antibiotics but the second time it just went away after a while. I would get it checked out at the vet.



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Get him checked for a UTI. Also, does he just pee on what's on the floor? My sister's (male) cat does this occasionally. It's annoying, but keeping things off the floor seems to fix the problem for them.


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He could be "blocked," which means he has an infection. I had a male cat that urinated in the sink in front of me when I was brushing my teeth! And I noticed that there was a bit of blood in his urine. He ended up having so many infections like that that he needed surgery to correct the problem. Usually it's just something that can be medicated. I have always had cats, and we had one female who was urinating on my daughter's things, even though she seemed to love my daughter. She peed on an American Girl Doll and my daughters backpack the night before the first day of school! She ended up at my ex-husband's veterinary clinic as the mascot because we just could not correct her behavior, even with drugs. Cat pee problems are just the worst. I wish you luck. But your first stop should be the vet. Your cat might be trying to tell you he is in pain and needs help.



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Hi Karen- I have three cats and one of them has this very same behavior. It is as if he goes through periods when he does it. He has gone on toys, in toy boxes, in wicker baskets, on clothes etc...I have him checked at the doctor and all was fine. He was prescribed kitty prozac! This was too difficult to give him because he can be quite aggressive. So I ended up calling the Tree House Shelter here in Chicago and speaking with their behaviour specialist. She suggested switching where one of the cat boxes was and it seems to have worked.
Cats can be so delicate (mentally) that anything can set them off. I might call the Tree House as well, or see if he might like a covered cat box as oppossed to uncovered or vice versa.
Good luck, I know how totally annoying these situations are.

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