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Stop the Digging!

He might also benifit from some "thinking" toys to make sure he doesn't get ... Try black pepper, it seems to have worked pretty well with our dog who like ...

My Son Is Ready to crawl...What to Do?

I take my daughter's hand and stroke the dog saying "gently". We play ball with the dog together. When my daughter gets one of the dog's toys, I ask her if ...

Oh Please Help!!!!

Also just thinking about it like lice you should probably spray all the dog toys and the dogs bed with the flea spray then bag them in plastic for several ...

Old Fashioned Toddler Pull Toys

My toddler LOVES pull toys of any kind. He likes to walk his dog pull toy and he even pulls toys around that weren't designed for that. ...

Behavior Problems in a Daschund

Instead, I spend the extra money and get Kongs to stuff with treats/peanut butter and also buy Tuffies dog toys ( I have to get Tuffies that ...

My Pet Is Going to Be Boarded for 5 Days

Should I take her food? She doesn't have any special toys. Thank you! ... If your dog has a blanket or pillow that she sleeps on, take that with her. ...

Puppy & Baby on the Way

I was holding our son, along with the new dog toys. My husband picked up one dog at a time to smell the baby so that we could control their movements and ...

Seeking Place to Donate Gently Used Stuffed Animals

I wonder if a local SPCA would take some as dog toys? maybe worth a try. Helpful ? Yes | No Save This Remove This Report This Share ...

Suggestions for 4 Year Old Birthday Party

You could play a dog themed scavenger hunt game, like cardboard bones and squeaky toys and stuff. The Dog, you know the puppies with really zoomed up faces, ...

Claustrophobic Dog

Oct 8, 2009 ... She is large and pretty much an outside dog - a bull in a china..." ... Play Yards & Play Pens · Safety Products · Strollers · Toys ...
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