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Question About Leapfrog or Other Learning Toys

Does anyone own any leapfrog toys for their kids, and if so, have they been at all useful? We want to get more learning toys for our daughter, ...

Ideas for "Goody Bags"

Small toys for the younger kids and maybe a gift card for the older ones. Hope it helps. :o). Blessings,. P. <><. Helpful? Yes | No Save This Remove This ...

Mom Looking for Educational Toys

My kids have tons of toys but the price you pay for toys that are specifically labled educational are outrageous! We , to people who aren't used to it, ...


Another idea I got from a friend of mine is to actually box up some of them and "rotate" toys. So when the kids get bored with the toys out, then box them ...

Why Are My Kids So Violent with Each Other?? Need Advice

My kids are older and didnt really fight that much at the age yours are so Im not sure if .... violent children · kids outdoor toys · outdoor toys for kids ...

Cleaning Solution for Infant Toys?

It is the safest and best thing to clean and sanitize kids toys/equipment with. Bev, I don't agree with your lashing out against using bleach water. ...

Looking for Suggestions! Fun Board Games for Kids Ages 3-9?

My kids loved those matching/memory game ... especially when reading was too hard or troublesome! We love "Discovery Toys", as they categorize their ...

Toys in Toddlers Room?

So that said I think it's really up to what you and your family will think works Id also say that kids who have toys in their room can be encouraged to play ...

Toys.. How Much Is Enough?

(IMO, kids shouldn't have more toys than they can play with in a day!) Food for thought: If you hid a couple of your kids' toys, would they even notice? ...

Thoughts on Toys...

We thought the same thing with both my kids. We started hitting garage sales. Also there is this website/catalog that has a lot toys like that. ...
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