Can't Find Long Sleeve/pant Pajamas for My Son!

Updated on February 15, 2012
H.1. asks from Des Moines, IA
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The spring/summer clothing is coming out in stores and now the only PJs I can find for my son (2T) are pants and short sleeve T's or shorts and short sleeve T's. I want to get him pants and long sleeve Pj sets and he will wear them for the rest of this winter and even in the summer because of the air conditioner running in summer months also. Am I the only one to dress my kid in long PJs during summer months? He will not keep a blanket on and I would freeze without something covering my arms and legs even in the summer....

ANyone have suggestions where I should be looking??

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So What Happened?

I've not done any online looking - I don't usually shop that way. But I have checked several Targets, Kohls, etc. around my area and clearance stuff is all the thick fleece (too warm for summer) stuff and the others all have short sleeve shirts! Guess I will have to maybe order online.... thanks!

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answers from Philadelphia on

I have this problem a lot. I go to the Carters outlet store, because it usually sells outfits that are a season behind the regular stores.

I also choose a few lightweight long sleeve t-shirts from his regular day clothes to put into the pj rotation. For lightweight pants, I go into my son's light pants from last summer, even though he has grown, many work for pjs.

I also ask people for hand-me downs, shop at Target for Carters (they recently had pj sets that are like you need), and I buy ahead when the type of pjs I like are in stock.

In addition, I use a lightweight sleep sack for my son. Instead of buying the toddler size, I just added fabric to his existing ones. My little guy rolls around like crazy while sleeping.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Kohls had a ton of sleep pants and they probably have long sleeved cotton tees on clearance by now...

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answers from New York on

These pajamas are everywhere. I buy them at Carter's, Gymboree, the Gap, and Hanna Andersson. I do not put long sleeves on my son during summer though! Why not turn down the air-conditioning instead?

I was just at Gymboree and the Gap today. They had tons.

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answers from Dayton on

I've seen them on clearance at all types of places...Target, Walmart, Carter's.
Carter's has some fleece ones to finish out winter on clearance (online) for $5.99. And cotton ones too.

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answers from Kansas City on

I just got some at Costco (Carter's brand).

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answers from Phoenix on

When my kids were that age, they slept in the one piece footed pj's. I believe places like Walmart sell them year round if you don't get any other suggestions. Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

There were many different pant/long sleeve sets at Target yesterday.

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answers from Dallas on

I was just at The Childrens Place last night and they still had them out. You could also check Costco or if you sew, make your own:)


answers from Dallas on

I saw some at Target on Saturday.


answers from Dallas on

I would look at clearance ranks, and on-line clearance; seen some lately at Target, Sears and Walmart. I don't think they really make long-sleeves for summer, if you wanted a summer print, but I've seen some thin material for winter pj's.

I live in Texas so it's HOT, even with the AC on, hate those high utility bills... plus my kids would sweat in long sleeves in the summer.


answers from Dallas on

They should be on clearance at places like Walmart or Target. If not, you could always look on ebay or at a kids resale shop.



answers from Dallas on

I would check walmart. I know about a month ago I saw some at ours. My kids don't even usually wear anything anymore even in the winter. But our winters are crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



answers from Chicago on

If you can't find pj sets, just buy him some cheap sweat pants and long sleeve t-shirts. If you can't find long sleeve t-shirts, look for long underwear.

I also checked Amazon and found all of these:


answers from Chicago on

Old Navy should have long pants and long-sleeved shirt pjs year round. That's where I always get separates for my boys. They are usually hanging on a pegboard wall in the toddler boys' section.


answers from Austin on

JC Penneys look in the stores or call. If not you can order them online.

Just because you are cold natured, does not mean your son is.. Espacilly if he tends to kick off his blankets.



answers from Wausau on

I was just on kohls today and they have all their winter things on clearence, but also have some 50% off. Do you have a kohls charge? They are offering the 15%, 20% 0r 30% off if u use it. I got a 30% off so the code is HEART30



answers from Washington DC on

Look on Amazon or look in the clearance sections. Or go to a thrift store or consignment shop.



answers from Davenport on

I was just at Younkers today and bought a pair for my friend's son. She had a baby today and I got a pair for the baby and the 2 year old that match. They had several kinds, some with feet, some without, but all cotton and long sleeves. Hope you can get some too.


answers from Los Angeles on

Here are some on sale at Lands End:

We've bought quite a few pairs of Lands End jammie sets for our daughter and they last forever!! Or until they grow out of them :) Very high quality.



answers from Cincinnati on

Carter's often carries "sets" that come with a long pair of pants, and then a short-sleeved shirt and a long-sleeved shirt. I know Macy's carried Carter's, as does Babies R Us, although I personally prefer to shop at the actual Carter's store, if you have one.

We always turn our air conditioning "up" at night so that no one has to sleep in blankets or long sleeves. Isn't it kind of a waste of energy if it's so cold that you're covering up?



answers from Provo on

Do you have a Kid to Kid or other consignment shop nearby? If they are not stocking it in the store, they often have a decent idea of what is in the stock room because the sales people have sorted it themselves. You could also try or



answers from New York on

I just bought pants and long sleeve top jammies at Walmart on monday. they were $6...thomas the train and my son was so excited. they were in the baby section, near diapers, wipes, car seats. i am assuming all walmarts are set up the same...



answers from Los Angeles on

Burlington coat factory!!



answers from Atlanta on

Walmart - it's all on clearance this week.

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