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Updated on April 20, 2019
M.G. asks from Portland, ME
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Hi everyone

I have a very tiny (tall but small/slight) tween daughter.

I'm looking for places where we can shop for her that are not too kiddish but also not too grown up (she's not into that cropped top/revealing it all look).

It can be online - in fact, that is helpful if they have that option too. Sometimes shopping with her in the stores can be challenging.

Any ideas? We've tried the ones around here and the kiddo ones have very young looks at this point but the teen ones seem a tad too revealing. She's right in between. We've been doing sporty athletic looks for the time being, but that's not really her thing.

Thanks for any ideas.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the ideas so far - and I had never thought of amazon. I shop there for other stuff, but never purchased clothing. I'm checking into it and see you can return fairly easily, and it looks like in some cases they even ship back for free ... maybe I am reading that wrong. Great idea though as an option thanks :)

Continued thanks ... I hadn't thought of some of these stores, so appreciate it! Good ideas

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answers from Los Angeles on

Old Navy
American Eagle
(You can always take a look online first).

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answers from San Antonio on

I put my daughter online at Old Navy or Gap. We also try Target online (you can return those easily to the store). Amazon is often helpful...and sometimes Dillard's (but only for fancy dresses and such).

We have also had good luck at high-ish end resale shops looking for XS in the women's sections. Or size 00 or 0.

I have found skipping the "teen" stores and going right into women's very small sizes find more appropriate clothes and just as stylish. Good luck.

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answers from Norfolk on

Depending on what stores are going out of business your choices for where to shop might be getting limited.
Old Navy comes to mind.
Target, Walmart, etc.
She's going to have to come with you and be more involved in the shopping process if she's not doing that already.
Many are shopping online - Amazon.

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answers from San Francisco on

Old Navy, Gap, Macy's, Nordstrom, Target, JC Penney. Those were my go to stores for years.

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answers from New York on

I had a tall/slender teen girl and found my best luck at GAP (not sure if they are still open?). They also had good, non-slutty "teen" clothing when we shopped there. Old Navy seems to have a wide selection of sizes (especially online) as well, but I personally think that Old Navy stuff doesn't wash up that well (but on sale it is pretty cheap - so definitely a trade off).

Good luck!

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answers from Miami on

Justice, Old Navy, Kids GAP, Love Culture, Aeropostale, Macy's, including the Macy's Last Call section, are all good options. Check the Junior's department of these stores, I still shop there for myself and so do some of my co-workers who, by contrast, are a size 00. Walmart has some cute teen t-shirts too, like Wonder Woman. Amazon is a good idea if you have Prime, because then you can get the items shipped free and return for free. Walmart has free shipping too by the way, though I think you need to spend $35 or more for that. I just bought jeans from Walmart and was able to return them for free, for instance. I have a hard time shopping for my daughter because she is very short, overly developed, and thick. Even a size 16 doesn't fit her around the waist. I see tons of clothing for tall and skinny teens though (you know, the stuff my daughter gets for Christmas and cannot fit into?), I can't believe you'd have an issue!

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answers from Santa Fe on

I get my tween daughter clothes at Kohl's, Target, Old Navy, Lands End (sales only!), Gymboree (I hear they are closing?), and Crazy 8. I have to take in the waist of leggings often bc she is quite tall but very thin.

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answers from New York on

I just want to echo Retta below - it is often worth skipping the "teen" sections. I recently bought myself a dress for an event, beautiful long dress with a *very* low neckline, fine dramatic look for me as an adult but the dress was being advertised in a "prom" advertisement!! I had a good laugh imagining 15-year-old me suggesting to my mother that I should be allowed to wear that dress to prom, lol. (And I know you mentioned she does not want that now anyway.)

As for specific stores, the "general" stores like JCPenney and other similar names mentioned below have great websites. Shopping online is a good decision. You can even order a few sizes and return if necessary.

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answers from Aguadilla on

I wouldn't try Amazon...I did that and they mostly have clothes from China that are actually scams because the material is very cheap or the style you see is not what you get. For my daughter, who is very thin (always been between a 0 and a 2), loves feminine looking clothes and isn't much into the Old Navy or Gap look, likes to wear Forever 21 clothes. Besides having sexy clothing they also have many covered up style options that are colorful, trendy and youthful without being revealing. JC Penney is really great for tween clothes as well.

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answers from Boston on

We do Kohls, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Lands End for my 11 year old.

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answers from Madison on

I’ve had the same problem with my tall, slender 13 year old. In the last few years she’s had good luck with Abercrombie kids for jeans. They have sizes in “skinny”. “10 skinny”, “12 skinny”, etc. These have fit her well, as she has a very narrow waist.
Now that she is older, jeans from American Eagle fit her length as well as waist, size 00 or 0.

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answers from Louisville on

We love justice! they have things that fit my tiny girl and my rounder girl

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