Niece Has a New Baby and a 107 Lb. Lab

Updated on August 14, 2009
A.S. asks from Saint Louis, MO
7 answers

I am the proud great-aunt to my niece's newborn baby girl. She and her husband also have a 107 lb. Chocolate Lab. My niece had to have a C-Section and their home is a two-story with bedrooms on the second floor. Now...I said set up a command station on the first floor so that Mommy wouldn't have to climb those stairs more than maybe twice a week, at least for the first two weeks. I also need feedback on her being able to walk the dog (he must be leashed). Love you, Moms, and thanks in advance for your responses.

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answers from Kansas City on

I have had 3 c-sections and the steps were honestly the worst part. I was lucky enough to not have many steps to go up and down with any of them. My recoveries were all really quick. I would tell you that the first 2 weeks at home are when you need to be most careful but after that, I was pretty much back to normal. My doctor with the last one gave me some really good advice. Basically, if it hurts, don't do it. Unfortunately, you don't always know what is going to hurt before you try so tell her just to take things slow. With the dog, tell her to put him on a leash and walk around the yard before she tries to walk around the neighborhood. She won't be able to do a marathon or anything at first but there is no reason why she can't go on short walks in the beginning especially if she was doing that through out her pregnancy. Just tell her to take it slow and build back up. She will be doing it all again in no time.

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answers from St. Louis on

Hi A.!
Congrats on becoming a Great-Aunt. I think the advice you have is good. I too have had c-sections and with adjusting to the new little one plus healing, I think your niece is better off getting someone to walk the dog for the first 2 weeks or so. I know I was just exhausted, especially with my's a huge change, and she's probably a little stressed out. Your command station downstairs is good too. Some of the time I enjoyed most was laying on our recliner with my little one sleeping on my chest.

Enjoy the new bundle!
R. J

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answers from Springfield on

6 weeks babe - no vacuuming, no dog walking - you're a "great" great aunt!!! Congrat's



answers from Topeka on

Maybe she could get a laundry basket and put everything she needs for baby into that basket...and have her husband carry it downstairs for her before he leaves in the morning. Use the sofa as a changing table...or the dining room table if that is more comfortable for her.
As to walking the dog...if the lab isn't docile on the leash I wouldnt try it at all!!! If the dog is pretty reliable, maybe one of those retractable leases would help...that way she could let the lead out if the dog wanted to explore a little and then wind him back in when it was time to move on.
R. Ann



answers from St. Louis on

I had a c-section with my twins and we have a 2 story house. I set up a small dresser as a changing station in one corner of our living room. I also kept pack-n-plays dowstairs. I only had to climb the stairs twice a day. It was so much easier. She should be able to take the dog for short walks as long as he is well behaved on a leash. For a dog that large, if he pulls on the walk I would try to find someone else who could walk him for at least a few weeks. Maybe a teeneager in the area who would like to earn a little extra money or just help out. The more exercise the dog gets the calmer he will be in the house with the new baby. Good luck.



answers from Kansas City on

You have a great idea! I had a c-section but unfortunately our only bathrooms are on the second floor so I had to climb stairs lots of times a day, regardless! So I would encourage her to only do what she can but that may not happen! ;) If she has help during the day, the help can change diapers, etc and get her supplies so that she can sit in one place for as long as possible! Good luck and congrats!

I agree about the dog. It is somewhat painful and tiring to walk so if he pulls, then that's out for sure! I would suggest having her take him to doggy day care for a few days, it was a life saver for us! They play all day and come home exhausted, perfect for new parents!


answers from St. Louis on

DO NOT let her walk the dog until she is cleared by her doc to do the basic things like steps and vacuuming! I have a 95 pound black lab myself and even the best mannered lab can get crazy on a leash when they see something they must have! The dog can suck it up and make it without walks, or find someone to help walk him/her!

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