My Baby's Leg Turns Blue When We Hold Him

Updated on August 07, 2008
T.N. asks from Arlington, MA
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My son is 8 months old, and his leg turns blue when we hold him. People get scared when they see his seems like it only happens to one leg. It doesn't happen when he is in jolly jumper, this normal? I know when they are infants it is common, but now too???

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So What Happened?

Called the doctor..he saw us today...of course it didnt happen when I was there holding my son. However, from the description I gave is not anything to be worried about. If this happened from holding him on my hip, and when I move him it goes back to noraml. if he was just laying there and his leg turned blue..then maybe we would have to look into something...

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Hi T.:

I have heard of infant's legs being blue as newborns. If it's still happening now, I would definitely check with the pediatrician. My son's legs never turned blue even as a real small baby.



answers from San Francisco on

Dear T.,

Please call your pedi. asap to have your son's leg checked out. It is probably nothing serious, but is not common. L. S



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This same thing happens to my 5 month old. I talked to our pediatrician and she said that as long as his lips aren't turning blue and he's still eating and sleeping like normal that it probably wasn't anything to worry about. I figured that the way that I support him beneath his behind it is probably cutting off circulation to his leg. I plan to address it with her at his next appt but for now I'm just keeping my eye on everything. As soon as I noticed it I just set him down and rub on his leg to get the blood flowing back in that area.



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Have you told his pediatrician? Seems like he could have some circulation issues in his leg or possibly in his groin. I'd even go so far as to demonstrate to the pediatrician so he/she understands exactly what you are talking about.



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Hi, my daughter's legs or leg used to turn a purple color when we would hold her. I think it's normal and it doensn't happen now that she's 2 so I'm sure it's did freak us out though when we first saw it.



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Doesn't sound normal to me at all no matter what age! Is his diaper too tight around his legs or onsie or clothes? Someone told me that happenend to her son once & she did not even notice until some one mentioned it to her. His shorts were too tight around his little thighs. Once she took them off he was fine! So if that is not what is going on with your child I would call the pedi asap & get him seen! I would not mess around.

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