Modest Clothing Sources?

Updated on May 02, 2014
L.S. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
11 answers

Any suggestions where to find everyday modest (but modern) clothing for women and girls?

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answers from Houston on (cute everyday clothes) (super modern and adorable dresses) (cute everyday clothes and layering basics) (their skirts are cute, not so much anything else)

Most stores have modest clothes... if you don't mind layering. I wear tank tops a lot under shirts that are usually way too low cut or cute little cardigans over sleeveless shirts. Old Navy, Gap, Kohls, JC Pennies, Abercrombie, American Eagle, J.Crew stores like that tend to have lots of modest tees and such.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I've always like Old Navy, for every day kinda clothes.. I think they have a great everyday look.

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answers from Birmingham on

I do like Old Navy too, but shopping online offers so much more selection.

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answers from New York on

Lands End, LL Bean for both. For women I like Brooks Brothers outlet (esp. their 60% off sales), Talbot outlet, Ann Taylor Loft outlet.

For girls under size 10: the above plus Crazy 8, Gymboree, OshKosh outlet, Target for pants (Cherokee).

Good for you for wanting modest but modern for your daughter - it takes some time and effort, but explaining it in terms of respecting the males has made sense to my daughters. I keep cheerful and confident about it and a sense of loving her and the men in her life. When a girl might think she looks cute but men speak to her in disrespectful ways, I explain it is because to a man she looks like she is saying she is easy. So, she can dress prettily but modestly so her character shines through. I keep away from the negative and the 'can't'. So far, so good.



answers from New York on

Dress Barn. Good luck!


answers from Albany on

Hi L., I like Eddie bauer and J Jill for stylish yet grown up casual clothes. For the girls, who knows? My daughter (almost 14) has a unique style that is the anti-abercrombie, she finds clothes she likes everywhere. Pacific Sun, and such. She's very modest but funky.




answers from New York on

Yes! I have a suggestion for finding modest clothing for women and girls. Being a woman, I understand that many of us don’t feel comfortable and secure in exposing our body part too much. So, the modest clothing is the perfect option for us. I did a research and come across lots of options but seems to be having a conventional clothing style. Some are expensive too. However, at the last, I got one called that has superb collection of modest clothing for females of all age group. Their clothes are designed by Israeli women designers that look extremely fabulous on body.


answers from Rochester on

I usually shop at JC Penney's and that is also where my mom shopped with us as kids/girls (mostly). I think most stores give options for more modest clothing. Sears is starting to come out with more clothing options. I end up being more of a department store girl myself. :)



answers from Houston on

forever 21 got recommended to me a few weeks back and i have a strict criteria and i loved what they had to offer. also check gander mountain they had clothes i liked to and i dont want low cut shirts or middrifts. also suggested was old navy and target and kohls



answers from Colorado Springs on

A lot of it depends on your (and your daughters') taste and style. For swimsuits, tank tops, etc., you might check the Lands' End site.



answers from Dallas on

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