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Pregnancy After 35?

A.M. asks from Houston

Hello, I'm just curious about pregnancy after 35....I'll be 35 this year and we are considering expanding our family. I had a rough 1st pregnancy with multiple bouts ...


Weight Gain Change Post-pregnancy

H.B. asks from Atlanta

I was wondering if there are any other moms out there who have had a shift in the location of their weight gain. I had my fourth child a year ago February, and after...


Could This Be Post Partum?

J.R. asks from Sacramento

I have a 9 month old daughter and I'm not sure exactly about post partum or what it entails exactly. I hear it affects women differently. I'm not even sure how long...


Diet Coke During Pregnancy?

A.M. asks from Houston

Hi! I am just wondering what you Mom's think about drinking diet coke during pregnancy? Artificial sugar okay or not? My doctor says it is perfectly okay "in moderati...


Second Pregnancy

L.P. asks from Chicago

Help!! I am 6 weeks pregnant and always so hungry. It is 9:30 and I have eaten 3 times. Is there any types of foods I should focus on eating as to not gain a lot o...


Unplanned Pregnancy - How to Tell Husband

J.H. asks from Houston

I have two sons (2 1/2 years and 14 months), which is wonderful but also a lot of work as my husband and I both work full time. I think I may be pregnant again. I'm...


I'm Not Excited About My Pregnancy, Is This Normal?

S.S. asks from Springfield

I'm in a loving, stable marriage and I'm about 7 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. This wasn't really unplanned, I was off birth control b/c I was trying to decide wh...


Why Can't I Get Excited About This Pregnancy??

A.F. asks from Dallas

Hello Moms, I am currently 29 weeks pregnant and I don't think theres been one day that's gone by with this pregnancy where I've been excited. I was not planning a...


Friend in 38Th Week of Pregnancy

K.K. asks from Saginaw

ok youngest is 11 years old, so maybe things have changed, but... My best friend is pregnant, she is 38 weeks. So I asked her after her appointment toda...


Teen Pregnancy....

M.S. asks from Lafayette

I know a 15 year old that is pregnant by her 17 year old BF whom she has been with for about 7mo. I am not sure exactly what happened, according to her they used pro...