Budget-Friendly Fall Fashion Staples

Updated on October 09, 2011
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
15 answers

Hi all, I'm on a tight budget but am tired of walking around looking completely unfashionable. Most days, I just wear things from Target and seriously, that is just getting old. So I think I'm going to splurge a little and actually buy clothes from *gasp* clothing stores!! What are some budget-friendly fall staples I should get that I could turn into several different outfits? Keep in mind I like being comfortable and am minimalist but would love to look put together and girl-next-door chic. Thanks everyone!

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answers from Los Angeles on

thrift stores they are the best. there are women who buy from thrift stores then sell them back on ebay or have trunk sales AND IT'S FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I found Ross to be cheaper than Target. Bought lots of suits there cheap.

Sweaters (black, tan to go w/a lot of diff outfits)
2 Nice tees: Black, grey
Black slacks (1 pair)
Grey slacks (1 pair)
Nice professional blouse or two if you're working outside the home
Black leggings (1 pair)
Turtleneck (black just one)
Tall Boots (black, 1 pair. these you can buy @ thrift store because you
wear socks w/them so you don't have to worry about the feet that were
in them before :)

You can accessorize with:
big rings, necklaces, earrings
These you can buy at Target (cute stuff)

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Great question... looking forward to your responses...

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answers from Minneapolis on

I love shopping at kohl's, cute clothing and affordable.

I love to wear cardigans and hooded sweatshirts. I can always put a cute shirt underneath. Cute jeans and I love corduroys.

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answers from Chicago on

Love Kohls! Get on their mailing list and you get the coupons!!! TJ Max is a great place as well. Start off by having some of the basics, Couple of black slacks, black shoes, boots and basic black sweather and blazer. Layered looks are great and Add bling to your clothes. Necklaces and bracelets can add a new dimension as well as some scarves....Oh and I can't wait to wear my leggings with my boots this winter.

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answers from Richmond on

I make my summer clothes work year round... Lots of leggings under shorts, dresses, and skirts, and long sleeves under short sleeves or tank tops, with sweaters on top. I have a very, very simple wardrobe, but it can go a million ways!! Saves sooo much money, and it's never boring (as long as you like my staples, I don't know what your normal fashion sense is)... anything simple can get dressed up or down with jewelry, make up, and heels!

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answers from Dallas on

I like to layer in the fall. Days start out cold, then can warm up in a hurry, so, layering is great. Lightweight sweater and tailered looking light weight jacket. Comfy tees in fall colors. Black, Brown or tan booties. Long sleeved shirts in solid fall colors. You can wear a lightweight scarf with and layer the sweater or jacket over. A couple good pair of jeans, long yoga pants, leggings to wear under your one piece dresses.

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answers from San Diego on

you know, most of the compliments i've received recently were outfits i put together from Target!!!! but some great staples to have that are very versatile are cardigans. You can get a solid color (black, navy, grey, etc) and pair it with a colorful tee, blouse or tank top. or if you stick with solid colors, invest in a few cheap (charlotte russe, h&m, claires, forever 21) scarves to brighten up your outfit. or get a colorful or patterned cardigan and pair with jeans, leggings, and solid tops. Leggings with oversized sweater or t-shirts with a skinny or chunky belt look good too. a cheap way to get ideas is to look online or in the department store to see how they put an outfit together and go back home and see what your closet has.
Accessories also make a big difference. Even if you wore a plain t-shirt with jeans, if you layered a few bracelets, or wrapped a colorful scarft, it totally jazzes up an outfit. a couple of belt options make a difference to an outfit too. Accessories at Forever 21, H&M, etc are super cheap and what is in for the current season.



answers from Sacramento on

A classic cotton cardigan in a neutral color, like black, navy or cream. You can dress it up or down easily. Lands End has super ones. Watch for their sales and check the overstocks on their website for deals.

A pair of khakis. Same effort to put these on as jeans, but takes things up a notch. You can pair them with long-sleeved tees even and look pulled together. Top with a trendy top and you also look great.

If you're younger, check out H&M for low-cost trendy clothes. I'm older so they don't quite work for me, but if you want inexpensive trendy fashion, they're a good stop.

Kohl's also has super deals on fashionable clothes.



answers from New York on

Ann Taylor Loft is my favorite, but I also find great/reasonable things at TJ Maxx!
- Jeans
- Khakis
- Cardigans (several colors)
- Button-down shirts
- Colored flats
- Jean skirt (great with tights)
- Tights

Think "layers" with neutrals and "pops of color"



answers from New York on

You build a wardrobe. I buy clothes from just about everywhere but I am becoming a master at mixing and matching the items I do acquire. Great items can be found for great prices at any store you go to. You just need to be aware of when the sales are running. Example, now is a great time to pick up things for summer.

Macy's has sales every month. Usually has preview days on Tuesdays where you can look at and sometimes even buy the item at the Wednesday sale price when shopping on Tuesday. Most clothing stores get in new inventory on Tuesdays which makes Tuesdays great days for shopping.

Places like Burlington Coat Factory, H&M, Marshalls, and TJ Maxx have great styled clothes for great prices. I also can find a piece here and a piece there of items to die for from JC Penny's. We have some of the greatest outlet shopping in the country right here so I go and pick up pieces here and there too. My other favorite shopping places are K&G and Daffy's. Check out consignment shops in high end areas near you.

My main rule for bringing home a new piece is this:

If I can't honest say at least 4, it can't come home with me no matter how fabulous the piece is. I just picked up a leopard print top yesterday. It is grey, teal, black and cream. I can wear it with the black slacks from my suit (with or without the jacket). I can wear it with my black skirt, cream pants, grey pants and/or my grey pencil skirt. This top was definitely a winner and at only $10.00. I almost feel like I stole something. Picked that up from a store Danica. I also picked up a simple black sweater with rounded buttons which I can always swap out for a rhinestone button at some later point in time. The sweater was also $10.00 and can work with the top too. When it comes time to swap out the buttons those will run me about $20 - $25 for 9 buttons. Still making a dramatic impact and keeping the sweater affordable.

The swap won't happen until next season. I will try to make it through this season with the buttons it came with. I hope this helps.

Shopping around and getting off your usual shopping path will really help. Doesn't mean you will need to give up Target but you can definitely make some improvements to your clothing without going to the poor house.



answers from Washington DC on

Certainly start with some trousers that are considered 'neutral' (i.e. black, grey, brown tweed style, etc). I usually then build in some layering tops (Cardigans, camies, sweaters) and then use accessories to add the pop. For example, using a fashionable belt around a sweater or longer blouse is an option. Adding necklaces or bracelets in different colors and styles or maybe a nice scarf should add the pop that you need and won't look so dull or drab. I am a huge fan of black (I swear I was Amish in a former life) but I usually try to add some color like, a purple beaded necklace or bright colored top under a black cardigan.
I believe you can find some quality staples at Target like black or grey pants. Maybe splurge on the accessories and get some economical but not "cheap" tops and bottoms. I have dress slacks from Target that I have had for years and are still in great shape. Best of luck!



answers from San Luis Obispo on

I think JC Penney carries so cool, not so expensive, clothes.



answers from San Diego on

Visit a "resale" or "thrift" store (look in the phone book or online for locations). You will be amazed what supernice outfits you can find in the right store (near a rich neighborhood works best) that other people have worn just once, then donated! Sometimes, I find clothing with the original price tag still on it! They were forgotten or do not fit the original owner. I save incredibly, and nobody knows where my clothes actually come from, and I act green by recycling clothes! Good luck!



answers from Houston on

Knit your own long scarf and throw it on! Long scarves work great w/tee shirts and tank tops. A ball of yarn costs $2-8. You can make it as long/thick as you want.

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