Clothes Shopping for a 5Yr Old Girl

Updated on October 17, 2011
S.C. asks from Milwaukee, WI
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My daughter is 5 (6 in Jan) and wears a size 7 (she's a tall kiddo). I hate clothes shopping for her. The clothes for her are the same styles designed for teenagers. I shop at Target, Boston Store, JC Penny, Sears. I've pretty much given up at Kohl's. The pants and shorts are now cut in the low rise fashion and my kiddo's butt crack doesn't need to be hanging out of her pants. My 5yr old doesn't need to be wearing clothes that a 13yr old would. My kiddo loves My Little Pony, Barbie, rainbows, hearts and flowers. They don't make these things in her size group. Where can I shop and find age appropriate clothes for my 5yr old?

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answers from Honolulu on

I actually have the same issue only it is hello kitty and Disney princesses, instead of barbie and ponys. I started just buying plain shirts and pants/skirts and then buying fabric that had the stuff she liked and adding iron fabric to it and getting clothing she likes. also you can buy spray on fabric glitter... Yep, that is a hit!

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answers from Richmond on

Try Walmart and Kmart, my girls dad shops for them there and all they have over there is everything you just mentioned!

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answers from Fargo on

Gymboree is amazing. I also love Boden and Gap Kids. My four year old is very tall also and she will be out of 5T very soon and I have been so irritated at the clothing choices in mainstream stores.

Good luck!

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answers from Kansas City on

I would check out Gymboree. It is expensive but they have awesome sales and they have Gym Bucks which are also good to help curb costs. Plus their clothes really do last a long time, even for my rambunctious, dirty boy! Their girls clothes are really cute and often have ponies, flowers, ice cream cones, etc. on them which your daughter might really like. You may even have an outlet near you, we just had one open up about a year ago.

I find that Old Navy does have a lot of t-shirts with characters on them that are reasonably priced and cute.

My daughter is 4 but also extremely tall and we have just started shopping in the girls' section and I do know what you mean! Sometimes it's hard to find age appropriate stuff and still be cute and trendy(ish)!

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answers from Portland on

Hmmmm. I was just shopping for clothes for my granddaughter this week. I found the sort of clothes you're looking for at Target and Kohl's. I've had good luck at Sears too. I wonder if stores in different parts of the country stock differently. I also shop often at Fred Meyers or Kroger if you have those there.

Target had one style of jeans in at the waist style. You do have to search the stacks to find it. My granddaughter,who is now 11, wears the low rise and it doesn't matter if her crack shows because she wears all of her shirts on the outside of her jeans. And the style for shirts now is for very long ones. However, her crack doesn't show, anyway. Perhaps it's the way she's built.

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answers from Los Angeles on

My granddaughter has had the same problem, but has always marched to her own beat, and is the queen of accessorizing, seriously. She's 10 and still doesn't (thankfully) like to show off her skin, and is still into hearts, flowers, peace signs, and lime green ; )

Stick to basics for your daughter in coordinating solids in shirts, tops, jumpers or tunics, pants, jeans, leggings, and accessorize to her heart's content by using jewelry, hair accessories, socks, shoes, backpacks, etc. Design your own pieces of clothing for her as MamaMay suggested because it is hard to find licensed characters on clothing past size 6x. Unfortunately, the stores will keep carrying "trendy" stuff as long as people buy it regardless of what it makes little girls look like, so you have to be creative not to fall into their snare and still give your daughter her own style. She just may end up being the envy of the other girls her age and their moms.

We've been happy with Gymboree and Hanna Andersson, as well as OshKosh, which offers quality basics in girl's sizes up to 12 and their stuff lasts! Basics are on sale there right now, too:

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answers from Portland on

We have a Carter's outlet near us that stocks boys' clothes up to size7, I would assume they stock the same size for girls too. They always have age appropriate cute clothes.

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answers from Rochester on

We are huge sticklers for appropriate clothing for our children, and I've never had a problem finding nice, affordable, age appropriate clothing at Target. I also like the Children's Place and Old Navy (here and there.)

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answers from Dayton on

Osh Kosh!
My DD just turned 6 and is very tall. Carter's only goes to 6x but Osh Kosh goes much higher.
I have gotten great deals online w/ them. And customer service is great.
If you have not shopped w/ them yet, get on their email list and they will send you a coupon right away.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would go by merchandise search online. I often enjoy shopping online. I have a sort of sim issue with my very tall 4 year old that occasionally wheres a 6 slim in some cuts and a 4 slim in others. I just be sure what ever company your buying from has a great return policy. I also am not liking the more "teeny" sluty clothes they are marketing for young girls. Hello we dont need to advertise that yet. I just want a modest cut, NOT a gunny sack dress to the ankles, but that would be bad either LOL... I find Children's Place tends to stick to the more modest clothing lines. Hanna Anderson, Gymboree but they might not go that high in size, Burlington Coat Factory, and TJMax... however you get a mix with all of them. Its just the trend, Kohl's is bad but if you really do some searching you can still get good items there. They just go faster.

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answers from Lakeland on

I can totally relate. My daughter is 5 too and wears a 10. She has a round belly and chubby thighs so most clothes just don't fit right. I buy stuff a little big so she can wear them longer, plus I usually shrink everything. I find stuff at Target, Wal-Mart and JC Penney's. I check online for character shirts and pj's. I also order from Land's End online, there stuff seems to fit a bit bigger. I am always looking at different clothes stores for different items that I know will work with her shape, when I find something I usually get a few (different colors if I can.)

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answers from Boston on

have you ever checked out it is a sister company of gymboree, pretty cute



answers from Washington DC on

I've found The Children's Place to have the most consistently modest and appropriate clothing for girls. This is a mall chain, so see if a mall in your area has a Children's Place. You can get solid shirts (they sell some "graphic tees" and stuff with a little glitter at the neck or whatever, but none of this junk covered iin characters and crusted with rhinestones and sequins), solid matching trousers, jeans and jean leggings, etc. Not super-cheap like a Wal-mart but the clothes are better quality.

I've also found lots of decent stuff at Target -- look for their "yoga pants" and solid matching tees/long-sleeved tops etc. They do sell a lot of decorated stuff but you can get a lot of decent-looking things there too.

Penney, Sears, etc. - too much junk and yes, too much stuff that looks "tarty" on little girls. I hate Justice and Limited Too etc. for the same reason and so does my daughter. Pure junk -- every shirt just has to have a design or peace signs or words on it, and the quality is so lousy and flimsy. I feel for you!! But stick to your guns and your daughter will pick up good and modest tastes from what you get her now. My daughter is 10 and does not want anything to do with tacky tees and short-shorts like she sees on too many girls at school. She now chooses what she likes, and she wears a lot of soft, long trousers, khaki trousers, skirts over ankle-length leggings, polo-style collared shirts, and soft solid-colored nice tees (mostly from Target) that she likes to dress up with belts or layer with light jackets. A girl CAN dress neatly and nicely without either being in a uniform or going the route of low-cut on top and high-cut on the bottom!

One of my daughter's friends last year (fourth grade) came in and announced that she was giving up asking for clothes from Justice because she realized she did not like advertising for a store by wearing tees covered in its name, or wearing symbols etc. that some store thought were cool. My daughter was really impressed by that and so was I!


answers from Washington DC on

I love childrens place and crazy 8. They have really good prices. My daughter is 6 and is almost in a size 7 as well.


answers from Los Angeles on

We love Mini Boden, Lands End and Hannah Andersson for their quality. Lands End is constantly having sales and we also buy all 3 brands through Ebay for great savings.



answers from Minneapolis on

We've always had good luck at Target and sometimes at Kohls. She liked Target's cotton leggings and tops/tunics sets. They have those up to size 14.

Now she's 9 and wears a size 14-16 and decided she likes jeans. We found things at JCPenney and Old Navy that worked.

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