Melted Crayon Out of Car Upholstery

Updated on May 13, 2011
V.W. asks from Greenbrier, TN
10 answers

I've read to use WD-40. That won't stain the fabric?

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answers from Nashville on

take a brown paper bag and a hot iron, lay the bag over the crayon and then lightly iron the bag to heat up the crayon. The crayon should lift up onto the bag once it is re-melted. I have done this on carpet and it worked.

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answers from Hickory on

I know what you need. I use it for this all the time. It is a blue spray bottle of Dawn Power Dissolver. It is for dishes but works so great on many things. It will take crayon, marker, and pen off your walls. I use it all the time with my clothes. It will remove red clay mud, grease, and so much more out of cloth. I use it all like every day.

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answers from Victoria on

once a candle driped/spilled onto some carpet we had. i was shown a trick to get it out. using brown paper bags (lots of them) and an iron. with the iron heated up run it over the bag setting on top of the carpet (or upholstery). as soon as you see a wet spot (the wax) move the bag to a clean space and continue untill it is all gone. hope the color of the wax does not stain the upholstery. good luck.

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answers from Charlotte on

I use the iron method but be careful how hot you set the iron as you can burn/melt the fabric. I also use paper towels to absorb the melted crayon. It works like a charm!


answers from Detroit on

Using WD-40 on the fabric will leave a stain on the fabric for sure, it "might" get the melted crayon out though :) What I will recommend is that you take your car to a steam cleaning service like DetailXperts (you can goto there website to see if they have franchise in your area), Basically what steam cleaning will do is pass "steam" at very high temperature through the upholstery and will melt the crayon once again (without damaging anything) and the cleaner will clean it off, and hopefully there will be no stain left. This is what I think the best way to do it.



answers from Dallas on

Haven't yet had this problem myself, but I believe Goo Gone can be used for this type of thing. Good luck!



answers from Wheeling on

If it's a whole melted crayon, I'd put ice on it to make it as brittle as possible, break it up and vacuum it before using any other product. If it's only marks or smears (or after you remove the bulk of the crumbs), use Goo Gone, De-Solv-It or some citrus based cleaner like that. I'm simply not 'in the know' about WD-40. It may work, too, but I KNOW De-Solv-It does (and on crayon marks on the wall, candle wax, adhesive stickers, etc, etc.)



answers from Fayetteville on

I agree with a lot of the other posters as I do this if melted candle gets on my carpet!! Get as much crayon off of your upholstery as u can, then get a big paper bag from the grocery store and set your iron on high. Place the bag over the crayon and start ironing, not only will this take the crayon out but will take the "grease" out as well left by the crayon! Good Luck



answers from Indianapolis on

It shouldn' might try putting ice on it and seeing if you can pull it up that way..........

Melaleuca makes some great stuff for things like that......if you are a member let me know....

Take care and good luck.......



answers from Wichita on

I haven't had this problem. I read that you need to scrape off as much as you can, put a paper bag (single layer) on the crayon & iron over it with a hot iron. You may need to put a clean piece of paper bag on the crayon & iron. Keep doing this until the crayon is gone. The paper bag should soak up the crayon.
It's worth a try!

God bless!

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