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Updated on August 07, 2008
C.E. asks from Littleton, CO
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Does anyone in the Denver area know of a black family who is looking to adopt a baby? I know of a birthmom who wants a black family to adopt her child.

Please contact me ASAP if you know of anyone - or are a family hoping to adopt!


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So What Happened?

I received some great responses - thanks to everyone who is helping! I don't know this gal personally, but I do know the social worker she's going with and she's an awesome lady who will make sure the birthmom knows all her options.

Thanks again!

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Alternatives Crisis Pregnancy Center may be able to help as well!



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Hi C.,

I am probably not of much help here since two of your criteria- a black family in the Denver area- do not apply. But, my aunt and uncle (from Licoln, NE) have adopted three black children and desperately want to adopt one more. My aunt and uncle are white, but they raise their kids with respecting both black and white culture, and their future baby will have lots of siblings to relate to. So, please let me know if this is a situation your friend would be interested in.




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Very simple answer here -- go directly to a church and tell the pastor that there's a baby available. I'll bet he can find you 5 - 20 families pretty quickly, depending on the size of the church.

God bless you for adoption, not abortion!



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I forwarded your email to a number of people I know who may know of families that fit this birth mom's description.

I wanted to let you know that one of my friends forwarded the email to Robert Gelinas, pastor of Colorado Community Church Aurora. Their church is a multi-ethnic church with a very specific interest in adoption. Their church website is
http://coloradocommunity.org/. The website for their adoption project is: http://www.project127.com/index.htm.

I grabbed this blurb from their website: Project 1.27 began in the fall of 2003, as the brainchild of Pastor Robert Gelinas, Lead Pastor of Colorado Community Church) and a parent of three adopted children. His passion for placing children expeditiously into loving, caring families was spurred by his own childhood experiences as well as his interaction with children who longed for a family of their own.

If you don't hear from Robert Gelinas, I would encourage you to contact him directly.

Best of luck!




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Hi C.,

Sorry, I do not know of any families looking to adopt, but I would like to ask if she has considered "open adoption"? This is where you know who adopts your child, and that family is open with the child about their adoption. I have a friend who went this route when she got pregnant in high school. The famlilies keep in touch with each other, and the child emails and calls my friend occasionally. It really is a great choice for many families, and I believe it helps the child feel more accepted and comfortable in the long run. Please tell your friend about it if she isn't aware that this option is available and good luck to her, it is a tough choice, but a good one!

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