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My Future Husband Wants to Adopt My Son

We want him to adopt my son, but I'm not sure how to go about it. .... Craziest Thing You've Done to Maintain Your Child's Belief in Santa ...

Having Another Child After a Loss....

If your main goal is for your daughter to have a sibling (and the enrichment another child would bring to your family), perhaps you should consider adopting ...

Looking to Adopt

I have a 3 1/2 year old daughter Madisyn and I am looking to adopt a small dog for her to grow up with. .... puppies and dogs for sale · adopt a child ...


When my teenage sister-in-law was pregnant, she wanted BIL & SIL to adopt the child. They considered it for many months but ultimately decided not to adopt ...

Only Child

However, having been an adopted child myself, I have a great respect for those who are able to adopt children, because you could very well be saving ...

Only Child Issue

***If you really want another child to love and don't want her to grow up "alone " you can always adopt a foster child close to her age. ...

Wanting a 4Th Child

I am only 23 with one child and my husband and I plan on having 5-6 kids, .... SOOOO in a few years my husband and I will sign up for a foster-to-adopt ...

I Feel Guilty That My Daughter Is an Only Child

If when she is older she express great saddness that she is an only child consider adopting a child her age. There are many other there and again strong ...

Donor Egg Vs. International Adoption Vs. Domestic Adoption

It was receommned to me that it is best to adopt a child under the age one, so there will be less development issues. And it is important to have a ...

Advice on Adoption (Not Private Adoption, Probably Foster Care Adoption)

Sep 16, 2009 ... Also, in a couple of years, if nothing has worked out yet, your 2 year old would be older to adopt a little bit older child at that time. ...
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  • turned out just fine in 2 answers "... & sister that were much older and didn't live with me). I turned out just fine ..."
  • there are pros and cons in 2 answers "I guess there are pros and cons to being an only child or to having siblings."
  • god given feeling in 2 answers "I truly believe it is a God given feeling that we as women just cannot ignore."
  • foster care for infants in 2 answers "We too did foster care for infants for 3 years which was nice."
  • your brother in law in 3 answers "... to double check everything and this might be an option for your brother in law."