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Updated on July 29, 2009
J.P. asks from Noble, OK
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Hi,I'm J. looking for attorney,advisor? That can give me advice on adoption. Is there really such thing as finincial help in my area. I do not have 10-20,000 to buy a child! We just want a bigger family and its not God's plan for me to have my own.

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answers from Fayetteville on

Hi J. P,
We are looking into adoping a child and too wish to gain any and all assistance with the cost. I have a dear freind that runs the orginization: she has given me some advice on this issue. She told me to look into the Antioch Church as they are helping families adopt free. Here is the website she forwarded to me: htp:// Her orginization also holds a adoption fair that has a class on how to get help for the cost(I have not attended it yet)
I also know that in my area of NW Arkansas there are many churchs that will raise funds for you as well as an orginization call "Nothing In Return" that helps foster familys. Nothing in Return has worked with Apple Bees reasturant to orginize Pancake Breackfast to raise funds to pay for Lawyer Fees for Foster Familys who are adopting a foster child.
I am sorry I could not be much help. If I come across anything in my quest to adopt I will forward it to you. Please do the same for me.

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answers from Jonesboro on

Dealing with DHS definitely has its pitfalls but we have adopted 3 children through DHS. One we got when she was 3 days old, one 1 1/2 wks old and the other at 9 mths old. We are possibly considering a 4th - a 15th month old that is in our home and will soon be up for adoption. I too have went through your heartbreak and know exactly where you are coming from. My husbands work reimbursed us for 1/2 of our adoption expenses. You might check with your employers and see if that is available with them. And of course you get an adoption credit on your income taxes. Pray, ask your entire church to pray with you......God answers prayers! God bless you in your search.

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answers from Tulsa on

I know that Shaohannah's Hope provides adoption grants.

Also, Focus on the Family has been actively advocating fostering and adoption, so I bet they have or know of resources to help adopting families.

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