Jff:do You Play Dress up in the Bedroom?

Updated on September 29, 2011
N.N. asks from Ecorse, MI
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I am in need of some new ideas because Lord knows I need them! I am thinking of new things to do and I just thought hey I am sure I could find a few customes durning this holiday season in order to add spice to the sex life, Have you ever dressed up or did role play if so as what or who?

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So What Happened?

Jo you are to funny! Thanks

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answers from Los Angeles on

We haven't -- yet. But my BIL and SIL go to Vegas, wear wigs and dress totally out there. They keep the persona going and bring it back to the hotel room. But ... shhh! It's a secret ;)

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answers from St. Louis on

I play the role of the tired wife, he plays the tired husband. We do this every night.

Sometimes he kisses me and I forget I am tired.

Don't we sound like fun? :p

Sometimes we talk dirty. He was looking through his brewing catalog reading about priming pumps. I looked up from the computer, one guess what site I was on, and said what honey, you want me to prime your pump? See the romance isn't dead.

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answers from Redding on

I took my mom shopping at walmart a few days ago and she was trying to talk me into buying some cuckoo halloween wigs to role play..... she freaked me out, for God's sake I'm 54, mom is 70 and still thinking about what I might be doing in the bedroom with my husband. It was hilarious. I'm all "MOTHER, GEE"... lol

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I'm with Jo, except that my husband plays the tired, yet perpetually horny husband. LOL

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answers from Los Angeles on

Yep, its fun. Let your imagination go wild. It's all behind closed doors.
Maybe have a safe word if it gets too wild. Have fun!

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answers from Phoenix on

I wear my birthday suit to bed every night...does that count as dress up? =)

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answers from Richmond on

Not recently, and usually when I do, we both fall asleep before anything exciting happens, LOL!!

Now before the baby was born, when the girls were gone for the weekend, I'd cook in an apron and heels... THAT always worked like a charm!

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answers from Honolulu on

Love Jo. W's answer!

That is just like me and my Husband.

When we were dating before having kids, well it was more wild.

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answers from Philadelphia on

yes i was a hs catholic school girl so that costume comes out, also i;ve gone to his door with nothing but a coat and whipped cream, and also in lingerie and thigh highs as well...i cant wait to see the other ideas, i want to get the maid and military outfit

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answers from Kansas City on

we havent did the costume thing but we have role played a little. it is usually totally corny, likeI pretend that i'm the babysitter or housecleaner and he is the "naughty" husband having a bit of fun. sounds so dumb but it works for us. sometimes my husband just wants a lot of candles lit in the room, he is very visual so he likes to see me. Maybe try the candles, or nice massage with some good lotions or the tickling feather thing and use it all over eachother. there are tons and tons of stuff to do to spice it up!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I had a cute santa costume... I wonder what happened to that...

Meeting a guy at the door in something lacy and high heels has worked for me every time! Or, skip the lace and only wear the high heels and a smile... ;-)

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answers from New York on

Great question. Keeping it fresh and interesting is important. Remember men are visual so throwing on something that plays up your assets is very important.

I belly dance for him so I have outfits for that.

There is nothing like throwing on some thigh high's, heels, a tutu and a smile. He loves my legs and ample bottom.

Doesn't matter really what you wear just make it fun for both of you. Again play up what he loves most about your physical body and relax.

I also own a bow tie, lacy and fish net crotchless unitards, a maids apron, a cheerleaders skirt, and a nurses uniform. Heehee.

I just picked up an ornate mardigras type mask in red and gold. I have big plans for his return from an out of town trip.

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answers from Erie on

Think Trinity a la Matrix. With fishnets ;)

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answers from Redding on

I don't play dress up, but I'm not married or in a relationship.

It's funny you mention this though, because there is this very sweet woman at work who looks the the meek and mild type. Apparently...looks are deceiving!
I was walking down the hall and heard giggling so I popped in the scheduling office to see what was so funny.
Well, apparently this gal had just taken a call from her husband. He wanted her to "dress up" for him tonight. I was like, "Oh God".
My other co-worker, who shares the same office said, "He wasn't joking. They're into that kind of stuff".
By this time, "Anne" was laughing so hard she was crying.
Then she sighed and said, "Seriously, I might need some help. I only have a couple of hours to figure this out. He wants me to be Bat Woman".

Oh my goodness.

Hey....whatever works.
I could have lived without those mental images, but it was quite funny.

I don't have any advice....just wanted to share that story because it seems some people enjoy that kind of thing.
In my co-worker's case, it seems a bit dangerous to me. She's had 3 kids in 5 years.


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