Easy Peasy Halloween Costumes for Adults

Updated on October 11, 2011
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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So we are planning on going to couple halloween events with our toddler. I am thinking it will be nice for us to go in costumes as well. My husband doesn't want to wear a costume. So I am asking if there are any easy peasy ideas for halloween for adults , something I can come up with whatever we have at home - for both of us.

Also, couple other questions -( just curious :-)
1. Do you also dress up for halloween along with your kids?
2. What are you planning for this year? Or what was your fav halloween costume for yourself?

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answers from Cleveland on

Wear gray sweats and hot glue cheap little plastic toys to them (cars, animals, etc). Instant tornado!

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answers from Dallas on

My friend did a Katrina weatherwoman. She put on a raincoat, turned an umbrella inside out, sprayed her hair all wind blown to the side and made it look like her eye makeup had run all down her face.

I did a greek goddess once. Short white dress and added tons of gold in my hair, sandals, bangle braceletts, earings and necklaces.

This year I was thinking of making my husband and myself boxers. wife beaters, mens basketball shorts, kiddie boxing gloves and fake championship belt on each of us. I'm going to wear a silky robe over mine.

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answers from Omaha on

Last year I dressed up (rather cutely, I might add!) as a witch. I bought a really cute witches hat at Michael's and hot-glued beautiful purple flowers to the base of the cone part in front. Then I wore a black beaded shirt with a pair of black jeans. I carried a Nimbus 2000 broom from Harry Potter and black boots. My costume was complete.

I had so many compliments on my outfit...not over the top, kind of classy and useable year after year.

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answers from Bloomington on

Our daughters are age 18 mos. and almost 4 years. We are going as Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The 4 year old is Goldi.

The three bears will wear brown clothes, bear ears, and some kind of bear faced make up.

We also toyed with The Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf.

Have fun. They are only little once!

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answers from Chicago on

My husband enjoyed going as a 40s gangster. He wore a nice suit and a hat and he carried a fake gun. I wore a simple black dress with a red feather boa. I went red with the lipstick and wore tall red heels. My dress wasn't really 40s but with the boa and the heels and my hair done all 40s style we pulled it off.

Another time we went as angels and a devil. My husband wore the suit again but with a devil's tail pinned to the back. He also carried a pitchfork. I wore a white dress with a halo pinned to my head.

Have fun!

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answers from Houston on

Get a white t-shirt and use a magic marker and write a large letter "P" on the front of the shirt. Then blacken one eye with makeup...and there you...you're a black-eyed pea!

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answers from Los Angeles on

-I don't dress up anymore but I do take my kids trick or treating.

-My fave costume when I was 21 was one I rented: Wonder Woman.
Totally fun.

-If hubby is willing how about going as a couple:
Pirates (stuff from home. Buy an eye patch and sword)
Chefs (apron, chef hat)
Former Pres Clinton & Hillary (they have the masks at stores)
Sonny & Cher

Have fun!



answers from Dallas on

My son and his girl friend are being little red ridding hood and the wolf. That is something that adults could do too. She bought a cape and going to wear I think a black dress or something under it. We bought my son a red, black and white plad shirt and will put some old jeans on him. We will go to the cosume store and get this hair stuff they sell that we will poke out of the holes in his jeans and some on his face and years. Or you could buy a wolf mask. (He can't wear the mask to school).

I usually do dress up with the kids. I have been Cinderella, A wench, A whitch, My husband has been a pirate. Last year his costume was funny. He bought a tshirt at walmart that said budget ninja costume.

You could be ninjas too. Wear all black and find some cloth to put over your heards and face.

Good luck and God Bless!


answers from Minneapolis on

I love group costumes. I used to care for (I do daycare) a girl whose Mom had twin sisters when the older one was 2. My hubby always called the little twins "Thing one and Thing 2". LOL When the older was 5 and the twins were 3 they did indeed become those characters! Easy too!

Older girl wore black pants, black sweatshirt, cat make up and they purchased a stripey Cat in the Hat HAT, and made a pin on black tail and took adult size white winter gloves and stuffed them. DONE.

For the twins, it was red sweat pants and sweat shirts, they made a circle of fabric with "Thing 1" and "Thing 2" on each, bought wigs (might have been thrift store/salvation army stuff?), and spray painted them blue so the hair was in crazy spikes. It was cold here in MN that year so they wore layers under neath and hats under the wigs (for an indoor party they went to they used blue hairspray I guess). It was fantastic when they showed up at my door! They had left my care 2 mos before for a preschool program at the elementary school the big sister now attended for Kindy...way easier for drop offs and pick ups for their family...so it was a great surprise and to know they finally did my hubbys nick-name for them! Now with the TV show on PBS, I am surprised I don't see more of them!

You and hubby could be the THINGS and toddler could be the cat in the hat!

The other post that mentioned the fairy tales..Goldilocks and the bears..and the 3 little pigs..I love those! Another daycare family with 2 girls has fancy-shmancy ones as a duo...older sister was Little boPeep, and baby sister was a wooly lamb!

Have fun!


answers from Los Angeles on

I didn't dress last year, but this year we are going as Rockabilly Frankenstein and his bride. We are wearing clothes we already have and just doing the hair and makeup (im making my boquet).
Easiest costume for M. is a zombie. Wear any clothes you want, paint your face white or greenish and smear mascara under your eyes. Done.
Another easy costume I like to do, because it's super comfy, is the adult baby. Wear pajamas, hold a teddy or blankie and a bottle and done. At an adult party I put alcohol in the bottle and cut off the tip of it for easier access, lol.
Have fun!


answers from Pittsburgh on

I don't usually dress, but here are a couple ideas I've done in the past that are soooo easy.

Got Milk? -- White t-shirt with Got Milk? In black writing, with a milk mustache.

Brain Donor -- T-shirt that says Brain Donor on it, and head wrapped with gauze, blood dripping down. (Quite cute, actually! My dad did this once, and got tons of laughs and comments...)



answers from San Antonio on

I got my husband the Jason mask from Friday the 13th...he is also 6'5" tall...so he wore hiking boots, jeans, and a flannel shirt and carried a fake machete. (most of the night he wore the mask on top of his head, but when he slipped it down...it gave M. chills). I went as the college co-ed he was chasing...jeans, sneakers, and a tight white t-shirt...before we left for the party I went out and rolled in the leaves so they were all in my hair and I was all dirty.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Easiest I ever did was Mechanic. Just get a button down shirt, if it has stains all the better or add a name patch on the chest area. Put a wrench in one back pocket and a dirty rag hanging out of the other back pocket. Then rub some black eye liner or mascara on your face to look like grease smears and put on a baseball hat. As for shoes, those brown work boots or a black boot. I worked in a public service job one year for Halloween and the Head of the company didn't realize I was an employee, he thought I was a client. LOL


answers from Columbus on

Hippies are always easy.

One Halloween my husband shaved half his head and went as Two face. He even let M. put makeup on; line down the middle, evil eyebrow, scar, etc.

We haven't dressed up in quite a while though.

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