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Updated on October 01, 2010
K.U. asks from Detroit, MI
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One of our really good friends got our 3-year-old daughter a pair of cowboy boots for her birthday. Not just any cowboy boots. Hot pink cowboy boots with stars and rhinestones and silver studs all over them. And my daughter thinks they are the greatest things EVER. She has taken to wearing them everywhere, all the time, with whatever outfit she happens to have on - whether they "go" or not. She shows them off to anyone who will take notice. And I am okay with this, of course - I do think they are really cute but it's interesting when she is wearing a hooded sweatshirt, cotton leggings, and...the boots (maybe calling them cowGIRL boots would be more appropriate - she is also starting to bug me for a cowboy hat so she can, in her words, "go yee-hah!")

And when my one stepson was 8, he had a hooded sweatshirt from Old Navy that I swear was going to disintegrate before he would give it up due to it being too small. It was one I bought him and I am glad he really liked it, but I swear people were going to start thinking he was homeless judging from all the holes it eventually had.

So now I am curious as to what your kids got hooked on clothing-wise and what kind of interesting combos did they manage to put together when left to their own devices?

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answers from Los Angeles on

Ok so my baby is too young to put together weird creations yet, although I can't wait. I used to live with room mates and one of them had a little girl. She must have been 3 or 4 at the time, and we were all headed out for a day of shopping. The little girl came out of her room in her favorite "sleeper," which was the previous years tigger halloween costume and pink rain boots. Every little kid that day pointed at her and tried to get their moms attention. We went to a couple of really nice, high end stores too. HAHA. She wore that tigger costume forever. =)

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answers from Seattle on

My daughter still likes a tutu with rain boots or cowgirl boots! She's liked boots since she was a baby! She tends to always pick dresses, and anything sparkly or pink and purple. My little one will wear her lelli Kelly shoes with everything and they totally don't match!

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answers from Chicago on

My youngest (7) never likes her socks to match. The more they clash, the better!


answers from Washington DC on

My daughter never was much into dress up and she loved all of her clothes. I bought her Hanna Andersson - all cotton and really soft - bright colors - perfect for little girls. She always looked put together. She even had clogs to match her outfits.
Her thing was she liked to bring her Snowman everywhere! She had many different snowmen, but she liked her guy with the green hat and the orange nose. We eventually got her all the different sizes, so that if we went somewhere that a regular guy couldn't go, she had a little guy to bring.
Craziness!!! But fun memories!!


answers from Austin on

Our daughter loved dresses.. she was always in a dress, but she also had to wear her orange "tail".. It had started off as a thin boa, but once she realized it made for a great long tail.. she had to wear it all of the time.. Not at preschool, but everywhere else.. Museums, grocery store, at home.. It was so mangy in the end...



answers from Los Angeles on

My daughter when she was 2-3-4 LOVED going out in her dress up Disney princess clothes incld. the wig! Her fav was Belle. She had a trunk full of disney princess stuff from tiaras, jewelry, wigs…you name it! Only thing she preferred was to wear them with her tennis shoes. She said the slip on sandals were too uncomfortable.Totally adorable! She is now 13 and all she likes to wear now are comfy clothes like stretch jeans and t-shirts! I miss the dress up days.

My 5 y/o Son loves his policeman rain boots. Wears them even when it’s hot. He wears them with whatever he has on. He went through a time at age 3 when he became totally attached to these PJ’s with dinosaurs on them. They were the full body PJs with the feet! Thank goodness he didn’t go to school because he wanted to wear them day and night, to the store, everywhere! Now they just don’t fit him anymore which is great because he started going to school this Fall!



answers from New York on

My son is only two, so it's pretty much "anything goes". He has certain shirts that he loves and a pair of "Toy Story" jammies that make him look like Woody- they get worn twice and then immediately washed b/c we can't go more than one night without our "Woody dress-ups". When we go somewhere and it sort of matters, he wears whatever I pick out.

Having said that, my mother loves to talk about the combos we wore as kids... tutus with plastic Barbie heels and veils were a favorite for grocery shopping. My sister used to insist on carrying her Rainbow Bright plastic purse everywhere, no matter what. My youngest sister had a hot pink, tie-dyed outfit (it was the early 90's) that was loaded with lace and rinestones... wore it every day for a solid six months. My poor mom did laundry constantly b/c my sister would pull it out of the hamper!



answers from Detroit on

My son just dug his dirty sweatshirt that he wore yesterday out of the hamper. It's a hand me down from his cousin. He has a closet of clean sweatshirts. Hw did this with his last favorite sweatshirt until he out grew it. I told him today that kids at school will think he's poor and notice that he keeeps wearing the same shirt. He's 11 and in middle school. UGH!
At least he's cute and clean!



answers from Detroit on

Sounds like fun! My 4 yo is pretty adventurous. She freely combines dress-up with everyday. We walked my kindergartner to the bus stop and she was wearing a purple sundress with paisley pattern, a pink-and-green tutu underneath the dress, a red ruffly cardigan (purchased to go over her Christmas dress), and...frog rain boots. The dress is long, so the tutu acted as a petticoat and made her look rumply wide through the thigh area. I pick my battles--she needs to wear matching clothes to preschool and important events, other than that, as long as it it weather appropriate and covers all the pertinent parts, fine with me. :)


answers from Dallas on

My almost 3 year old daughter cracks me and my neighbors up every day with her combos. It's usually just panties and rainboots, but sometimes she adds a boa, jewelry and her sunglasses. We don't go anywhere without her sunglasses and a little girl asked me yesterday, "She is so cute! Is the like a rockstar or something?" lol.



answers from Miami on

So funny! My sisters little 3 yr old daughter changes her own clothes like 3 or 4 times a day, one minute she has leggings and sweater then summer outfit then next time you look she is wearing her Christmas party dress!! (In July) When she goes out though she always wears her butterfly halloween costume with pink rain boots and a tiara!! :-)


answers from Philadelphia on

My daughter has a pink care bears hoodie that has little bear ears on the hood... she wore it every day for 2 years straight...

She is now 14, and wears these knee high black leather combat boot things... they are really cute on her and I make sure she doesnt look like a fool before she leaves the house...she also wears little plaid skirts all the time...


answers from Kokomo on

My daughter has really gotten into jewelry, especially since I gave her a bunch or my old stuff from when I was a teenager. When we have someone to go while I get ready, she goes and puts it on.
However she wears as much as she can find usually. Clip on earings, severeal necklaces, bracelets, and rings that often do not fit, oh and of course a watch!
She comes out proudly holding her heavy little arms up and turning her head side to side, "I'm ready!"

Of course before we get home most of it ends up in my purse.

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