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Updated on May 14, 2010
T.S. asks from Zionsville, IN
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We have like two days to come up with and make a costume for this. I have an 8yr. old daughter (who thinks her next birthday is her sweet 16!!) who is hard to please when it comes to choosing. Disney princesses are too little, but the first ones one would think of, like Harry Potter, are taken. Has anyone done this Character Day with success??
(note: the two days is my fault! whoops!)

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answers from Ocala on

If it was me, I would take the day off. Spend a day doing Mother/Daughter time together and avoid the stress of this TWO DAY notice. LOL.
= )

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answers from Cleveland on

My daughter dressed up as Laura Ingalls from the "Little House in the Big Woods" book series when she was in 3rd grade. A lot of girls her age were reading that book so it seemed age-appropriate, and it was so easy. We found a calico-print dress at a consignment shop, and she already had some tall black boots. Then, we just put her hair in braids, and voila! She happens to have long auburn hair and freckles on her nose, so it was perfect for her. :)

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answers from Killeen on

Madeline, Dorthy (wizard of oz), Fern from Charlotte's web, if she likes the American Girl dolls she could pick any of them. Junie B. Jones.

I like Amelia Bedilia idea by Beth :)

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answers from Augusta on

My daughter did Amelia Bedilia last year. For her we got a navy blue girls school uniform with a white collared shirt , she had some black buckle shoes and white sunday school socks. For the hat I got it at michaels, it was a navy blue bucket hat and I got some pink flowers we glued on it. oh and a white apron.
Um there's Harriet the Spy, Alice from Alice in Wonderland. Any of the kids from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Sisters Grimm, Any character from a book she likes should be able to be used.

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answers from San Francisco on

We just had this at our school. My 7 yr old dressed up as Pippy Longstocking. Everyone loved her "costume"! I went to Target and bought her 2 pair of knee high socks and she wore one sock from each pair. Paired witha ruffled jean skirt, a shirt that clashed with the socks, and a long sleeve shrug that clashed with the shirt. I made pig-tails and braided them with pipe-cleaners to make them stick out.

NOBODY in either 2nd grade class knew who she was! Now they all want to read the books! There are a few girls who have started wearing the knee-high socks with thier skirts as well!

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answers from San Antonio on

I have never done it but what about Junie B. Jones. That would be pretty simple to do. Maybe Dr. Seuss- But not sure your 16 yr old would approve that one! LOL!

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answers from Chicago on

My niece is 15 going on 30 so I know what you mean. for Halloween she shocked us all by dressing up as the little boy from where the wild things are. so cute she wore a pair of long footy pj's maybe your daughter would do that? if not here are a couple others

Has she read any of the romona the pest, Ellen tebbits etc...books? Ellen tebbits would be easy to do also.

Cat in the hat is good. go to a party store you can get those tall striped hats pretty cheap. that and a dark sweatsuit and some whiskers drawn on is pretty easy.

mother goose?
old lady in the shoe (this one is really easy just an outfit and an apron over it
Amelia bedelia black dress with white apron like you wear in a kitchen (these are available at any cooking store or GFS supply store)
anything from alice in wonderland door mouse, mad hatter, Tweedledee and dumb (maybe she and a friend would like to dress the same?)

and go to second hand stores for stuff don't bother spending a lot on stuff she will only wear one time. these types of things are as much to get her creativity going as anything else. not really to test your pocket book. so go easy.

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answers from Dallas on

Have her go as Hanna Montana or maybe a lady from history like a Queen or Cleopatra.

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answers from Hartford on

Our school does this every year and anything goes. The coconut tree from chicka chicka boom is easy brown pants green shirt sticky letters from AC Moore or some other craft store. If you want to get really creative you can buy a styrofoam ring and make some leaves out of felt and stick them in the ring. On a similar note The Giving Tree same idea but add the "carving" by writing on the pants or shirt with a sharpie. Charlottes Web is always good. The little girl is easy and the spider is pretty easy too. Black sweats stuff the legs of tights for extra arms and pin to her sweats. If she is that choosy if you google book character parade you can find a ton of ideas and let her pick. I'd put some limitations on it and tell her she has to help with the costume creating so you aren't going nuts trying to put it together. Good luck!

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answers from Indianapolis on

They did something similar to this at our kids' daycare recently.

Our son wore Buzz and Woody jammies and was done.

His teacher, though, got creative with Dr. Seuss and wore a hat and a kitty costume. She looked great.

I'd think you could easily get some funny wigs, etc. from a place like Kipp Bros (I believe they're on the NW side of Indy) and be able to come-up with something decent on short notice.

Good luck!



answers from Dayton on

How about Red Riding Hood?



answers from Honolulu on

I, personally, liked your suggestions. Most were rejected by the wanna-be teenager! She settled on Jamie Kelly, from the Dear Diary book series we found at the library. There is one in particular with her in a pink dress, heels, a tiara, and a frog, asking about should she kiss the frog or not? It's super cute, and she finished the book in two days. Many thanks to those who responded. I have a younger daughter who can use the suggestions for next year!



answers from Columbus on

An easy one is Daisy Head Mazy- but she may be too old and reject it. Pipi Long stocking is fun too, and easy to recognize.

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