How Do I Know If I'm in Labor 40+Weeks Pregnant?

Updated on January 03, 2019
K.C. asks from Coxs Creek, KY
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Im past my due date, for the last few days ive been having bad menstural like cramping in my lower abdomen , so bad to the point itll wake me up several times through out the night. And also have had bad lower back pain. I went for a NST (non stress test) and was having the same pain all morning but as soon as they hooked me up to the monitors they said it was contractions but they started spacing out as soon as i was hooked up. Once they took the monitor off me it started right back up minutes after . the pain lasts about 3-5 minutes (sometimes longer) and i might get a minute or 2 break in between . this has been going on for a few days now. And doesn't let up when i move or change positions. It gets so intense i can barely walk and talk . how will i know when to go to the hospital and how will i know when its real labor? When they checked me i was 3cm and 70% thinned

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So What Happened?

Not in labor but they did another membrane sweep and im being induced tomorrow !! Thanks everyone!!

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answers from Atlanta on

Get off the internet and call your doctor's office right now. Better yet, call on your way to the hospital. It's unimaginable that you aren't in labor at this point. Good luck with the delivery!

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answers from Portland on

I was admitted to the hospital by your point. I would call your doctor. All the best :)

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answers from Norfolk on

Talk to your doctor.

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answers from Washington DC on

sounds like you're in labor now. get off the internet and call your doctor.
congrats on your baby!

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answers from Washington DC on

Welcome to mamapedia, K.!

Happy New Year to you! CONGRATULATIONS on your pregnancy and upcoming addition to the family!

You need to call your OB/GYN and talk with him/her about your situation. He/She is the one to best help you as they can examine you and check you out.

Has your water broke? If it has - you really need to get to the doctor. PRONTO.

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answers from Los Angeles on

You should go see your doctor. If you're past your due date, they should schedule you for an appointment to be induced within the week in case you haven't gone into labor naturally.

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answers from San Francisco on

You are in labor now go to the hospital- My labor started this way..


answers from Boston on

Definitely sounds like labor especially with dilation & effacement! Glad to hear you went back in. Glad they are inducing you and hopefully it won't take too long since you're halfway there.

Have an easy delivery and congrats on your baby to be!

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