Marketing for Parent/Child Classes?

Updated on April 20, 2012
E.B. asks from Portland, OR
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Hey There,

I'm leading some Parent/child classes at a new studio in SW Portland. I'm being paid by the hour, though most of my classes are less than an hour (toddler classes). Part of my agreement with the owner, to fill my hour, is to help with marketing and promotions. I've put up a flyer on Facebook, and I plan on leaving flyers at the library and community center, but I'm not sure if that will be enough. What are some good ways to get the word out about this new studio and our classes? I'm new at the whole promo thing, and thought there might be some marketing savvy Mammas out there with some good advice. I'd like it to be successful and still have a job next year. Thanks for your thoughts and support.

Lizz B.

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answers from Dallas on

Make sure you get permission for your flyers.

We had flyers for a cheer clinic through the school and we still had to go through the process of everything being "ok'd" before it was allowed to be available in the schools.

Make sure you are ok'd by the city to leave flyers in the library, rec centers, etc.. You may leave them and then go back and realize they were pitched in the trash for not having the proper permits..

Talk with preschools.

It is late in the year right now but in the beginning of the school season, many PTA's sell advertising to help offset the cost of the directory publication. The cost is nominal.

Again, it is a little late in the year but some PTA's have fundraisers in the spring with silent auctions, etc... check with PTA President's at your local schools for info.

How about your neighborhood? Ours has a secure website. You can pay a nominal fee and advertise on this website.

I don't know if this would be efficient or not but are you on It is a professional networking site where many people are posting about jobs, opportunities, etc.

Good luck

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answers from Albany on

PLEASE, advertise on THIS site. Do you have an online offering?

So many "face palm" questions here, would be great to refer them to the add at the top of the page!


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answers from Pittsburgh on

Places where there are sure to be adults that have little kids:
nursery schools,
day care facilities,
pediatricians offices,
summer camps,
Vacation Bible school venues

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answers from Boston on

I would canvass local pediatric offices to see if they have a bulletin board or other referral list where you can leave information. Our old pediatrician's office used to have flyers for parenting classes on a bulletin board.

Also find out how to get your classes to come up in a Google search in your area. Do a search, see what comes up and figure out how the results are connected.

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answers from Los Angeles on

You can advertise at local preschools. Many have newsletters or message boards that will let you hang fliers. Even if the preschoolers themselves are too old for your classes, many will have younger siblings that might be the right age. is a great way to advertise. Find groups in your area and email the coordinators about doing a free trial class or something for the group.

Similarly, look into the local MOMS Clubs ( and email them about setting something up or advertising in their newsletter.



answers from Portland on

Hi Lizz,

A fellow Portlander here: Have you tried checking out the Metro Parent or Portland Family magazine? I'd look into their advertising rates, or find out how to do a piece about one aspect of what you are teaching on with your toddler group (say, a child development piece) to submit to the mag with a blurb at the end for the class you teach and the studio as a whole.

Ask at pediatrician's offices: I know ours in Sellwood has tons of flyers up. Check out the kid-oriented boutique/consignment/resale shops in your area, too. Zenana Spa is worth calling to see if they have any space for flyers. And try posting info on Urban Mamas. If there are any community events, see if the studio can get a booth to pass out info and offer a small, free activity.

For what it's worth, my preschool teacher friends and I were just talking about the same thing (albeit over here on the East Side). I think the child-oriented services in Portland are pretty competitive right about now.

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