Handwriting Tutoring Services and Workshops How Do I Advertise Inexpensively

Updated on May 25, 2011
S.P. asks from Flower Mound, TX
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I have recently got certified with Handwriting with tears as a Handwriting specialist. I would like to offer Handwriting Tutoring services as well as training to preschool /in service training to teachers. I am created awebsite but I an wondering how can I advertise and get my name out there?

I dont have a lot of budget for advertising but what would be best ways to advertise my services?
Any ideas are appreciated

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So What Happened?

Handwriting instructions from schools are under funded and students still spend 80% of thier time Handwriting and are still required to write essay at state exams.
So unless each child in each school every where has a compute we are still going to have to teach our children to write.
The target audience children from age 4-13 years and teachers

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answers from Minneapolis on

I tutor privately and started by advertising every where.

School level: contact each school principal and have your less than 1 minute sales pitch ready. You may want to ASK to come to the school to meet with the principal over the summer (the least busy time of the year). Be ready to offer your workshop in the fall during teacher development or through the summer to teachers willing to take the course on their own.

Community level: Prepare WELL WRITTEN fliers/brochures that can be copied nicely at office supply stores and distribute them at the libraries, book stores, daycares, etc. (any where that your target audience's families or teachers visit).

Have nice business cards made (try www.vistaprint.com).

Hit the beat and make the phone calls. Know what you are offering before you offer anything.

Advertise on craigslist and www.care.com



answers from Seattle on

We have had a lot of success with press releases, which are free. Write up a good strong lead paragraph explaining what you can offer to students. Follow up with who, what, when, where and why paragraphs. Finish with your contact info. Email to every local paper and media station. Many papers have a business section.

Networking is also a good way to get the word out. Join your local chamber of commerce and service clubs. Offer to come and speak at their meetings. Hand out your business card to everyone you talk to. Good luck to you.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Why don't you email second grade teachers(the time when it is usually taught)? Most schools do first initial [email protected]____.com them about your service and how to reach you for parents of kids who may need extra help.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Read Guerrilla Marketing Jay Conrad Levinson or check out the website at www.gmarketing.com. It's a marketing must read.



answers from Phoenix on

Who is your target audience?

I thought most handwriting subjects were being either phased out or not emphasize and graded anymore due to the use of computers.



answers from Chicago on

I didn't even know that this exists. My son has terrible handwriting.

Maybe you could contact local schools and preschools and ask them if you can advertise on their message board or some of their take home material. Some schools have a newsletter with local advertising, others offer to include community flyers into their weekly online mailings. Or maybe they can just have your information ready for parents who ask.
If I'm looking for a service like that as a parent, I would probably do an online search first. If nothing good turns up I would probably ask the school office if they know someone. But if you put your advertising in the school flyer you will probably reach people who don't actively look for that service, but realize that this could be a good option for their kid (just like I just realized).

Good luck!


answers from Dallas on

Go to your local schools, get to know guidance counselors. First you'll have to prove yourself to be an expert by working with some children and teachers.

Then, word of mouth begins to play into it and your clientele can grow. Guidance counselors are excellent resources because they know who needs help and they know tutors.

Also advertise in the school directory. Most school PTA's publish a directory for the PTA members. The advertising is dirt cheap and everyone who is in the PTA sees your ad!



answers from Dallas on

I agree with a press release, but most publishers won't pick up your story simply to help you publicize your business... I would suggest offering a "teaser" - A free seminar at local libraries or moms club groups. Not only will they help market your seminar, but your press release will have a better chance of being picked up.

I would also check advertising rates on "mommy" sites, such as She is Dallas (formerly Burb Mom), Mamapedia, DFW Area Moms, CafeMom and of course Family eGuide. I know we offer web ads for as little as $39/mo. You can email me at [email protected]____.com and I'll send you our rate package.

Good luck!

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