Has Anyone Had LEEP Procedure/surgery?

Updated on May 18, 2011
M.M. asks from San Antonio, TX
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How long before you can resume normal activities around the house? How many days do you bleed afterward? Were there any complications? Did you need another LEEP procedure or did your paps finally come back normal??

I am hoping that this procedure will clear up all the abnormal cells and not turn into cancer.

Thank you so much for sharing such a personal experience!

Blessings to you! :)

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So What Happened?

Mommas -
Thank you so much for sharing your experiences w/ me! I feel a lot better now and not as scared, still not looking forward to the procedure, but at least I know what to expect.

Thanks ladies! :)

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answers from Boston on

Mine was 11 years ago and not bad at all. My paps went from normal to severe dysplasia in 1 year. Colposcopy first showing some unusual cells, then LEEP to remove them. My doc asked if I wanted to be aware or asleep, and I asked for asleep. Day surgery at a hospital, with several hours in the recovery room. Then home for 48 hours under supervision. Hubby stayed home since youngest was less than 1 and oldest just over 3. I do not recall any bad bleeding at all. So far in all those years I never had another bad pap smear (knock on wood). You do get put on a pap smear schedule every 3 months for 1 year, then every 6 months for the next year, and then back to yearly. I agree with the other poster who said there are many more LEEPs done than cases of cancer. That is the wonderful nature of pap smears - they detect minor cell changes, that could POSSIBLY lead to cervical cancer but even if you did nothing it does not necessarily mean that your dysplasia would turn into cancer. Dysplastic cells can be very slightly abnormal or very severely abnormal. If they are very severely abnormal, a cancer is more likely to develop from them in the future (but not guaranteed). If they are only slightly abnormal then they may go back to normal on their own. But this depends on what type of cells they are and how many of them are abnormal. I personally think there is a big connection between emotions and illness, so the best you can do for yourself is trust in your doctors and in the perfect outcome of this procedure for you. Wishing you the very best.

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answers from Phoenix on

I had it done a few weeks ago. It was not bad at all. The only thing was that the litocain went into my blood stream, and made my heart race and I felt really weird. Not typical though and not anything life threatening though. I was home that evening feeling yucky, but I wasn't stuck to the couch. Mostly just felt like a bad period and like I had something in there. The weirdest thing was the large patches of (I think dead skin) that I lost over the next couple of weeks. Not totally sure what it was, but I had all sorts of yuck stuff coming out of me.

As far as test results, mine situation is a bit different because my paps always came back normal, but had other symtpoms that led to the LEEP. After the initial colposcopy, they diagnosed me with mild dysplasia and after the LEEP it was tested and turns out it was severe. So I am not sure what my next course of action is since my PAPS didn't detect anything.

Good LUck, don't be nervous, it's totally fine! Good Luck.

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answers from Austin on

I had this done 4 years ago - best thing I ever! I was up and about the next day - very minimal cramping and bleeding - but, that was just my experience.

Good luck!


ETA. Best thing b/c I've not had an abnormal pap since this procedure. (to clarify).

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answers from Norfolk on

I remember being able to resume normal activities around the house the next day. The bleeding lasted a day or two. I do remember there was NO SEX FOR A MONTH! Argh! Anyway, no complications, no further LEEP procedure, subsequent Pap smears all normal.
Please try not to worry unnecessarily. There are many more LEEP procedures than cases of cervical cancer. And you'll have Paps probably once every 3 months for the first year post-LEEP so they'll see right away if there are any abnormal cells left. MAKE SURE to keep those appointments even if it's a pain to make the time.
I'll be thinking of you and hoping all is well.

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answers from Richmond on

LEEP was awful; almost kicked my doc in the head (seriously). See if they can do it in their hospital facility and knock you out!! My numbing meds didn't work. UGH.

Bleeding was light for a few days, the cramps were pretty bad. No complications. I didn't need another LEEP and wouldn't have gone if I did unless they agreed to knock me out.

You can't have sex or swim for a few weeks... they didn't tell me this and it was MID SUMMER, so that sucked.

They got everything they needed from my LEEP, and I go religiously every 6 months for my pap, and so far, everything's been clear :)

GOOD LUCK and I hope your experience is WAY better than mine!!

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answers from Beaumont on

I had it done over ten years ago and had stage 3 dysplasia. My paps have been normal since then. Glad I did that instead of having a hysterectomy and having to be on hormone replacement all this time.
I did seem to have a hard time with the anesthesia or something was very tired for a year and had a bad smelly discharge for quite a while with cramping.

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