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Breast Cancer ?

If breast cancer doesn't run in your family can you still get it? I did find a small lump the size of a pencil eraser and it's not like my normal lumpy breast right before I start. I am going to the doctor on November 8th. Thanks oh and I'm only 32 years old mom of two.


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Lump in Breast Sent for a Mammogram

I have a lump in my breast that I noticed about 2 mo ago. Today I had a doctors appt for a physical and he did a breast exam. He said oh yeah I feel that and immediately said I'm sending you for a mammogram and if they cannot find anything I'm sending you to a surgeon to do a biopsy. This was a little scary to me b/c I was thinking maybe he'd say something like you have fibrocystic breasts which is what I was told 5 yrs ago by my doctor. Now I'm just waiting for the referral to go through and then I can get the mammo, but in the meantime,...


Lump in Breast

HI everyone, hope you are all having a great weekend! About two weeks ago...