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Prostate Cancer

ღ.. asks from Detroit

My best friend just found out his dad has prostate cancer. He always goes in yearly for checkups for things like this. Last year at his checkup, he did not have ca...


Prostate Cancer

S.M. asks from San Francisco

Do any of you ladies have a husband who has or has been through prostate cancer. I'd like to talk with someone who is going through this. My husband was diagnosed wit...


Prostate Cancer Side Effects

C.W. asks from Chicago

Anyone that can advise as to possible prostate cancer side effects they know of? ..........or websites that might go into this? Thanks


Does Getting a Vasectomy Increase Mens' Chances of Getting Prostate Cancer?

M.H. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms, I want my husband to get a vasectomy, but I heard that it can increase a man's chance of getting prostate cancer. Do any of you know if this is true? Th...



K.J. asks from New Orleans

I posted a post awhile back saying about praying for two people and my stepdad. My stepdad has a swollen nodule on his neck. They put him this morning and took his to...


Cancer - What Do I Do Now?

✿.3. asks from Reading

We were given the awful news over the weekend that my mother in law has cancer. She has been acting strange and not herself for the past week. Yes only a week. We ...


Stomach Cancer

J.B. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone, My mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer on Thursday. Needless to say I am devistated as she is my very best friend. My mother is only 54 years old. ...


Is This Educational Film Appropriate for a High School Freshman Health Class?

L.J. asks from Chicago

While prostate cancer is an older man's disease, testicular cancer is a young man's disease and a local public school is using this film in heath class for high schoo...


Stage 4 Lung Cancer

T.D. asks from Boston

Hi, does anyone have a story of someone getting treatment (chemo) for stage 4 lung cancer and it worked? I'm hoping to hear a positive story of chemo helping a stag...


How to Deal with Mom Cancer

S.S. asks from San Francisco

I had always heard of others with cancer but never imagined it would happen in our own family....My mom was diagnosed with Colon Cancer THIS MORNING...we dont know th...