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Ovarian Cancer

C.D. asks from Dallas

Hi once againg moms, well this question is about my sister. She went to the gyno on Monday and today they have told her that the tests came up positive for ovarian ...


What Were Your Signs of Cervical Cancer?

B.R. asks from Madison

What signs did you have leading up to cervical cancer if you have indeed been diagnosed with it? Thanks



T.D. asks from Sacramento

i found out my dad has cancer two weeks ago. He is in stage 4 and was told it had spread throughout his organs. This is my first time dealing with cancer and have n...


Cervical Cancer and Pregnancy

M.F. asks from San Diego

One of my friends just learned she has stage 2 cervical cancer, and she is 4 months pregnant with her second child. Wondering if anyone else has had this experience....


Teen Caccine for Cervical Cancer

W.A. asks from Dallas

I took my 12 years old daughter yesterday to see her pediatrition for a well check visit. The doctor told me she's due for a vaccination shot that prevents futur cer...


Have You Ever Had a Pap Smear Test That Was Abnormal? HPV or Cervical Cancer

K.P. asks from Chicago

My friends daughter who is a teenager had a paps smear done. Well they went back to the dr and the dr now wants to look with a microscope. The dr told the daughter it...


Stomach Cancer

J.B. asks from Phoenix

Hi everyone, My mother was diagnosed with stomach cancer on Thursday. Needless to say I am devistated as she is my very best friend. My mother is only 54 years old. ...


Scared 29Yr Old Mom of 5.. Cervical Cancer

S.A. asks from Austin

Hello, a couple of weeks ago I went to go see my OBGYN for my 6 week check up after having my little girl. Well of course they did the normal check and also the papsm...


Gift for Aunt Just Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer

C.G. asks from Houston

I was wondering what would be a good gift for someone who was just diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. I want it to be really special because she is more like a best frie...


35Year Old , Went for Regular Checkup and Now Being Tested for Cervical Cancer

S.E. asks from Sacramento

I went to the Dr because I was having bleeding everyday since my last cycle, As soon as my OBGYN Dr started the check up , she decided to due a biopsy becasue she sai...