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Ovarian Cancer

C.D. asks from Dallas

Hi once againg moms, well this question is about my sister. She went to the gyno on Monday and today they have told her that the tests came up positive for ovarian ...


Why Are Women Talk About Breast Cancer but Not Ovarian

S.G. asks from Asheville

As an 18 year survivor of Ovarian Cancer, I get a little angry that there is a lot of hype about Breast Cancer and Cervical Cancer but little is said about Ovarian Ca...


New Diagnosis . . . Cervical Cancer, Can You Help?

L.S. asks from Phoenix

My niece was just diagnosed with cervical cancer. She has a consult scheduled later in May to discuss options. If you have experienced this and can provide any insi...


What Were Your Signs of Cervical Cancer?

B.R. asks from Madison

What signs did you have leading up to cervical cancer if you have indeed been diagnosed with it? Thanks



T.D. asks from Sacramento

i found out my dad has cancer two weeks ago. He is in stage 4 and was told it had spread throughout his organs. This is my first time dealing with cancer and have n...


Cervical Cancer and Pregnancy

M.F. asks from San Diego

One of my friends just learned she has stage 2 cervical cancer, and she is 4 months pregnant with her second child. Wondering if anyone else has had this experience....


Could This Be Cancer??!

C.V. asks from Los Angeles

My sister was having stomach pain on one side and went to the ER a few days ago. She was told she had some thickening of the stomach walls. They also told her to foll...


Has Anyone Out There Experience Cervical Cancer

A.L. asks from Chicago

I just found out that I have cervical cancer. I see my oncologist on the 29th and I guess he'll tell me what I have to do or if there is further testing, I don't kno...


Teen Caccine for Cervical Cancer

W.A. asks from Dallas

I took my 12 years old daughter yesterday to see her pediatrition for a well check visit. The doctor told me she's due for a vaccination shot that prevents futur cer...


Advice on Cancer..

J.F. asks from Sioux City

I have a aunt that is dealing with having cancer. She had the cancer removed and the doctor is making her do kemo now. When she is having a bad day i really don't kno...