Gift for 13 Year Old Girl?

Updated on July 02, 2011
E.L. asks from Ozark, MO
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My dad's girlfriend's daughter's 13th birthday is today, and since I am visiting my dad, I will be at her birthday dinner and want to get her a present. I just found out it's her birthday, and I hardly know her, so I have no idea what to get! When I was her age I loved girly stuff, but she's a tomboy so I really don't know what she would like. I also can't really spend more than 20 dollars because we're on such a tight budget right now. I just really want to get her something she'll like. Please help!

EDIT: My dad is useless, and I would really like to get something more thoughtful than a gift card, that's why I came on here and asked!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the help, I ended up getting her a bath and body works gift set and a journal. She seemed to like it.. I know I might seem silly for worrying so much over a silly birthday present, but it's important to me to make her feel welcome. Thanks again! :-)

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I don't typically like to give money or giftcards, but i think it's appropriate for a teenager unless you know their tastes well.

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Hat from a skate shop
Bath and Body Works set (even tomboys like to smell good)
Keychain that holds digital photos (Walgreens has a nice one for $20)
Small messenger style bag
Patches she can put on stuff

I agree with not giving her a giftcard. This can be a way for you to connect with her since that seems to be what you are looking to do. Very thoughtful of you to reach out.

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13 yr old girls, tom boy or not, usually like to write stuff down. Id give her a nice journal and pen. And if you ever kept a diary, tell her about it just a bit, and make friends with her. She might someday need to confide in you as her big sister.

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DVD of a season of Glee or Modern Family - both shows are pretty popular with young teens. Justin Beiber Never Say Never movie is pretty new. Earrings with a gift receipt so she can return if she doesn't like. Supernatural books (like the vampire stuff). SIGG water bottle.

Very nice of you, by the way, to take her a gift. Read so much family drama on here that it is nice to hear of someone extending warmth to dad's girflfriend's daughter.

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ok... Stay away from Justin Bieber. My son is turning 13 in 2 weeks, my daughter is 10 (and a slight tomboy herself). They (and ALLLL their friends) think Justin Bieber is the biggest JOKE. Can't STAND him. My daughter's spring talent show even featured a comedienne who's entire spiel was a rip on him. So unless you KNOW that this girl likes him, do NOT go that route.

A journal is a great idea..put it together with a funky pen of some kind.
Or yes, the dreaded iTunes card. Both my kids love iTunes $. It isn't limited to songs ya know... they can buy apps with it, too. :)

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Nail polish or lip gloss (even many tom boys like them once in a while).

How about a good book? My almost-13 year old LOVES the Percy Jackson series, Narnia series, and has just discovered Goose Girl and Enna Burning (by Shannon Hale).

I agree - avoid Justin Beiber, as well as Miley Cyrus. Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez still seem popular though.

And you can't go wrong with a gift card, if all else fails!



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What about something that you two could do together? Lunch out or an afternoon bowling (or whatever she likes to do)?



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Ok so since she's a tomboy she doesn't wear lipgloss?
If you've seen her wear lip gloss once...that is a good one.
-iTunes gift card
-flip flops
-small silver hoops
-poster of fave singer (Justin Beiber? ayi yai yai)



answers from New York on

Most girls that age are into music, an itunes card may be a good choice.

Ask your dad, he may be able to suggest something.


answers from Albany on

Visa gift card, Itunes, Bestbuy giftcard, CASH!




answers from Detroit on

Okay no gift card..How about a money holder birthday card?


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Can you ask your dad what she likes? Tomboy isn't too specific unless you know what she already has or what specific sports, etc she is into. I agree with a visa gift card and a funny bday card for it to go in.


answers from Eugene on

itunes cards are always a hit. Most kids have an iPod or the like. The card can also be used to download movies.



answers from Los Angeles on

A cool surf backpack - Roxy, Billabong, Quicksilver. A beach towel, sunscreen and rashie. A skim board. Anything with a surf brand (they love the brands and think it's special).