Stocking Stuffer Ideas? - Santa Monica,CA

Updated on November 06, 2011
❤.M. asks from Santa Monica, CA
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Looking for some new, ideas for stocking stuffers for
a 13 yr old girl and a 3 year old boy this Christmas?

I'm getting excited. Can you tell? :)


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answers from Dover on

For the 13 year old....lipbalm, lip gloss, favorite candy, earrings, gift card, movie tickets, lotion, perfume, socks, gloves.

For the 3 year old...favorite snack, toy cars, hat, gloves, mittens, small book

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answers from Honolulu on

13 year old girl: gift cards
3 year old boy: toy dinosaurs, cars, bath toys.

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answers from Los Angeles on

For your daughter: lip balms and glosses, nail polishes, gift cards, small (trial size) versions of deodorants, lotions, shampoos, etc., chewing and bubble gum, key rings, gloves and socks.

For your son: Matchbox cars, small books, sidewalk chalk, toothbrush and toothpaste, small toy animals, crayons.

Check out the "Dollar" section at Target, I went there yesterday and they have tons of things...ELF makeup with items for $1 or $3 each, a nice nail polish kit with five shades for $5, I bought some cute animal toys, a horse, a giraffe, and a lion, all a $1 each, and they have bagged Lego Mini figures on sale for $1.19, regularly $3.99 (they're at the check-out stands.) They also have small notebooks, pencils, boxes of candy, etc., in the $1 section. They sell gloves for $1, they're with the gloves and hats by the underwear for boys and girls. They have a $5 DVD section, too, where i picked up a couple of Thomas the Train ones as gifts, they could also go into stockings.

Also look at the Dollar Tree, they sell bags of firemen or policemen figures for $1, candy, gum, all kinds of treats, plus chalk and other fun items and goodies.

I'm with you, excited : )

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answers from Dallas on

We have a 16 yr old. For yrs, we've had:

gift cards (ITunes, Starbucks, etc)
Rolled up assorted bills ($1, $5, $10, etc)
The warm super soft, comfy Bed and Bath socks
Always some favorite Godiva chocolate
The original Book of Lifesavers (this has been since she was a baby)

Be creative and have fun.

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answers from Kansas City on

3 y/o: Matchbox cars, a DVD, chapstick? (my 2 y/o boy loves chapstick!), balls, small stuffed animals, bath toys was a cute idea, wind up toys, play cell phone or play camera (Disney store has cute ones), books, toothbrush and toothpaste

13 y/o: socks, make-up, chapstick or lip gloss, movies, gift cards, jewelry, sunglasses, books or magazines, Bath and Body Works soaps and lotions

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answers from San Francisco on

This may sound terrible but I usually just hit the dollar store. I can either spend $20 at the dollar store on stupid trinkets that will get lost/broken/tossed out or I can spend $60 on stupid trinkets that get lost/broken/tossed out. We really can't afford as much this year and I'd rather put the money towards a bigger quality gift.

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answers from Detroit on

wooden toy figurines
some kind of candy
a tangerine, just for tradition's sake
fun art supplies


answers from Chicago on

For my 12 year old daughter (at the time she was 11) I did "girly" thing's like scented lotion's, chapstick and lipgloss, razor's, miniture bottle's of perfume and body spray, candy cane pen's, hair clip's, little notebook's, jewelry from Claire's. And for my son when he was 3 I did little car's, action figures, little packets of crayon's and mini coloring book's,mini puzzle's (walgreen's always has a large variety!), and of course I always had to put alittle candy and ALWAYS a lump of coal! lol...Hope you have a wonderful Holiday season!



answers from Houston on

for the 3 year old: character band-aids! kids love 'em!
for the 16 year old: itunes gift cards, starbucks gift cards, headbands, lipgloss, cash



answers from Victoria on

I love burts bees cutical cream. A manaciure set and polish. Most make up products. If she is still too young for make up gift certificates. Sample size body or hand lotions. If she is into any small figurines or stickers, stationary (erasers, pencils, pens, small note pads ) there are tons of fun small stationary things avalible now.

for the three yr old you can grab some individual lego ppl in packets about three bucks each. or other small toys he likes. sidewalk chalks and fun bath markers. merry Christmas have fun.



answers from New York on

For a girl age 13...
movie ticket
favorite candy bar
slipper socks
lip balm
nail polish
nail file and other supplies
body spray
body/hand lotion
body wash with a poofie
jewelry - necklace, earings
a book
itunes gift card
ear buds
hair ties - scrunchies
pajama/lounge pants - kinda big but you can roll them up tight
magazine - or buy a subscription
a journal
deck of cards
card or dice game
pens, fun erasers
magnets - she can put them in her locker at school
an ornament - start a tradition of one each year



answers from Chicago on

Matchbox cars
Make up that is appropriate for a 13 yo
Jewelery or other stuff from stores like Claires
small amount gift cards to her fav fast food joint (to go with her friends)
favorite candy

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