Feeding 9 Month Old Solids

Updated on March 29, 2008
J.F. asks from Farmington, MN
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I am the first time mom of a 9 month old. I just weaned her from nursing and she seems like she is eating constantly. I know the limit of formula is supposed to be 32 oz a day, which she is already doing, but how often should I be giving her solids? She is eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Can anyone give me a good feeding schedule?

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Thank you everyone for all the wonderful advice. I got lots of great tips and now feel more confident in what I am doing!

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answers from Rochester on

I would continue with the three meals and offer fruit or vegetables between meals, not a lot just enough to carry over, and give some water or watered down juice. Best of luck!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I don't know how much formula as we never used it, but feed her when she is hungry. Babies are experts at self regulation, and she will only eat when she is hungry. Feed her table foods (cut up) 3 meals a day, and finger foods in between like crackers, cheerio's, toast, etc.



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Everyone has been telling you how often to feed, but not how much. When I had my baby in for her 6 month check up the pediatrician said she should be eating at least half a cup of cereal per day. I imagine it isn't too much more than that at 9 months. I break that down into 3 meals with dinner being the biggest just because that's when she eats more. I usually mix fruit in it at breakfast a veggie for lunch and dinner. That amount depends on what they eat. Mine will only eat half a container for b'fast and lunch, but eats a whole container for dinner.



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my little girl is 8 1/2 months old and this is our schedule. wake up a hanfull of Gerber baby puffs while i get her food ready 1 jar 2nd baby food mixed with oatmeal baby cereal then about 1/2 hour later 6-8oz bottle then a small nap lunch 1 jar 2nd baby food sometimes a little rice baby cereal if it is too runny about 1/2 hour latter 6oz bottle then a nap snack time she has gerber baby puffs, gerber crunchies or a couple gerber arrowroot cookies and 1/2 sippy cup of watered down juice dinner 1 jar 3rd baby food and 4 oz bottle then 8oz bottle before bed. and she sleeps all night and is not over weight she is perfect according to her pediatrician. I hope this helps just remember every baby is different what ever schedule works for her is what you should do not what everyone tells you you should do it is what the baby needs and wants within reason and talk to her ped they have good info. I love all the gerber finger food they disolve so fast she has never choked on them unlike cheerios i have tryed.



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At 9 mo, we were on four bottles a day (wake-up, late morning (after nap), late afternoon (before nap), and bedtime. Then solids breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If he seemed hungry between then, I would put him in his high chair with a snack. Sometimes he'd eat then, other times not. I didn't like to just hand out a snack anywhere but the high chair (for either of my boys) because I think they would eat all the time then, simply because it's something to do. In the high chair they were better at acknowledging their hunger and actually determining if they were full.

As for the amount of formula, my first drank a TON at that age, PLUS a lot of solids. My second, not so much--would only "nibble" at his bottle, then wait for a real meal. He's hit or miss, and a smaller eater all around. Kids really are good at self-regulation, so I think if you set regular feeding times (for bottles and solids), you'll be just fine. If they eat then, great. If not, you know there's another feeding right around the corner and they won't starve in between. Kids' appetites are erratic, even from day to day. Good luck!!



answers from Madison on

With my first child (I have 6) she was on solid food by 8 months. She had 3 teeth and could walk and talk by this time. She refused the baby food and constantly grabbed for food off of my plate. Finally I let her and watched her closely (so she wouldn't choke) and she did great. I went from feeding her 6 full meals of baby food a day to 3 meals with 2 snacks. The snacks were usually gram crackers. I did stay away from hard fruits (apples) until she was a year. I think you need to go with what your child is telling you. She may not be able to speak, but she is still sending you signs of what she wants. I can say this, with all 6 of my kids I put them on a feeding schedule of Breakfast around 7 or 8 then a snack at 10 then Lunch between 12-1 then another snack (usually after nap) around 3 and Supper anywhere between 5-6. Now you must account for when bed time is. Always have an hour after she eats before going to bed. I found that bath time after supper was always good. With my old 3 bath time got them a little excited, but then they ran around for a while and passed out. Now my younger 3 it makes them tired and they lay down on the floor and watch TV then they go to bed. I hope this helped.



answers from Minneapolis on

When I began feeding my first baby I bought a book called, "Super Baby Food". It tells about how to make your own baby food, but it also gives good information about what, how much and when to feed babies and toddlers. It was a great resource.


answers from Milwaukee on

you could also try a little bit of a snack--cheerios, crackers, fruit and just about anything that is a finger food!!!



answers from Minneapolis on

I have an 8 month old son and this is his schedule. He has oatmeal in the morning along with bottle which he won't always take because he wants the oatmeal more, but he usually will take a 4 oz bottle shortley there after. He has a couple 4-5 oz bottles during the day at daycare and a small jar or fruit and a jar of veggies for lunch. At supper time he eats a level 2 jar of the dinner foods and we also feed him table food at times (all soft stuff, he loves bread or pretty much whatever we are eating) and some bottle of formula at that time. Before bed we feed him cereal again with 4 oz bottle and he gets up once a night for formula but goes right back to sleep, not sure if this helps. He also has snacks such as the puffs during the day.



answers from Sioux Falls on

How much really depends on your baby. At nine months, I was feeding my babies table food, because they already had some teeth and I had a grinder for the stuff they were more likely to choke on. Since it was what we were eating, if they wanted more, I could get it for them. Before I started them on the table food, though, I made sure they had tried every kind of foods for allergies, of course. By that time, they were eating at least one jar, sometimes two, at each feeding. Its rare to overfed a baby, so when they turn their head away and clamp their mouths shut, they are done.

I think you have a good schedule otherwise.

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