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Nursing and Cereal

I can tell you that the cereal feeding will help the acid refluxe a lot. ... His specialist told me I could keep nursing and just put the cereal in the ...

How Much and How Often for Feeding a 9 Month Old?

A typical feeding schedule for a 9 month old would look something like this: Wake up - cereal mixed with formula or .... Formula Feeding · feeding nursing ...

Problems Nursing My Son!

I agree to try nursing on one side per feeding. It may be that your son is full and trying to let you know he is done. My son only nurses for about 5 -8 min ...

Switching Back to Only Nursing

Sep 17, 2009 ... hungry or it replaces a feeding because I dont have enough milk I am hoping to get rid of the formula and go back to exclusively nursing ...

6 Month Old Infant Has Teeth and Started Biting During Nursing... Any Advice?

Oct 13, 2009 ... What I did when my children bit me during nursing was to gently press on the outer ... I would just stop feeding with my son when he bit. ...

Frequency of Nursing a 5-Month Old

So really the whole scheduled feeding thingaround for about 70 yearsnot ..... Nap and Feeding Frequency ... feeding infants solids · nursing issues ...

Biting During Nursing, Slow Let down Reflex, and Decreased Supply--help!

Once they quit biting, you won't be so apprehensive and can get nursing back on ... The'womanly art of breast feeding' is the la lache leagues's book with ...

Anyone Nursing Baby to Sleep?

I had to play around with her schedule to see what would work; but nursing her, feeding her solids and then nursing her again seems to get her belly full ...

Introducing Solids While Nursing

I have an 8 mo. old boy who I'm still nursing. I started cereal at 5 1/2 mo. and other baby food at 6 mo. I've found it works best to feed him the solids ...

Nursing Amount?

Just because your baby is breast feeding more often than what a book tells ... If she's nursing every two hours, she's probably just making sure she gets ...
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  • other 1 2 jar fruit in 2 answers "... 2 jar fruit Mid-morning - nurse or bottle feed Noon time - other 1/2 jar fruit ..."
  • la leche league in 2 answers "And you can always contact La Leche League (742-MILK) or Brenda Dalton (certified ..."
  • la leche league in 2 answers "La Leche League recommends snapping the baby on his/her nose with your middle finger ..."
  • 1 2 jar veggies in 2 answers "... nurse or bottle feed Noon time - other 1/2 jar fruit and 1/2 jar veggies ..."
  • only took a few times in 2 answers "... my children bite me I just stopped nursing and said no! It only took a few times ..."