Easter Egg Alternative?

Updated on March 12, 2010
B.D. asks from Grand Rapids, MI
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My son, who is 2.5 years, is really into holidays this year. He had a blast at Christmas, Valentines day was pretty exciting also, now we approach Easter. Here is my problem, he is deathly allergic to eggs and dairy. He can't come in contact with either of them. My daughter (4 years) is well aware of dying easter eggs because she has done it in the past, and wants to do it again this year. I can't have the eggs around my son, so I was trying to think of an alternative thing he could do. I figured I would do the dying of the eggs with my daughter during my son's nap, and then just give the eggs away (we have done this in the past). Does anyone have any ideas of what I can do special for my son??!! Also, I do easter baskets for them every year from the easter bunny; in the past I have done one toy and one treat. Well I have always just gotten away with a small toy for my son, but this year he will know the difference. Any one have any good treat ideas for him? We are of the Christian faith, so any religous ideas are welcome also; just keep in mind, they think the Easter bunny is real and I would like to keep it that way for a while:)

P.S. They do an easter egg hunt too and I put pennies and jelly beans in them, so I don't want jelly beans and the special treat in my sons basket too:)

Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for all the ideas! I will go out and buy some wooden eggs, I think he will have a blast with those. I am also going to do the paper mache eggs with balloons, both kids will love that. Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions.

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answers from Houston on

I have filled the plastic eggs with stickers, graham crackers, and small finger puppetts and such.

You can do it very cheaply and creatively.

The mini cookie are good to.

Books are a great gift also.

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answers from Detroit on

We do bird seed inside plastic eggs, also stickers inside plastic eggs. My girls have fun feeding the birds!

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answers from San Antonio on

You could try to find some inexpensive plastic eggs and let your son color on them with Sharpie markers. Also, we have a set of "Resurrection Eggs". These are 12 plastic eggs that are filled with items that representent the Easter story. You can find them at your local Christian book store. The Easter Bunny comes to our house and hides eggs for the kids during the night. The Resurrection Eggs are included in the eggs that are hidden and we discuss the Easter story as we open them.

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answers from Philadelphia on

One suggestion is to buy plastic eggs for your son and place candy in them that he can have. My son doesn't really eat eggs so I buy the plastic ones and we take turns hiding and finding them. He loves it and we play the game. This game can last well past Easter.

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answers from Omaha on

My son is also allergic to eggs and dairy. Surprisingly, Oreo cookies (the normal size, not the mini's) contain no milk or egg. They are made with soy. This could be a great treat for your son. Other treats that he loves are fruit snacks, suckers, skittles and licorice.
I'm so glad you asked this question. We have never dyed eggs for the same reasons and I never thought about painting the wooden or ceramic eggs. We'll be doing that this year though!

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answers from Saginaw on

you could dye ping pong balls?

or just have them decorate those plastic snap apart eggs, with some stickers and markers

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answers from Chicago on

My son is also allergic to eggs and dairy (and nuts, too). We put out empty plastic eggs for the Easter bunny the night before Easter, and the Easter bunny fills them with stickers, tattoos, little gifts and hides them for both of our boys to find. He also leaves a basket with gifts like coloring books, books, etc. We make Easter sugar cookies and home-made candy (way better than store bought). If you need some safe recipes, you can visit www.welcomingkitchen.blogspot.com. All of the recipes are free of the top 8 allergens.



answers from Detroit on

look into the local community for easter egg hunt. Or go to the dollar store and do your own with toys and candy also from the dollar store the kids go nuts we do it at my mom and dads every year. Also I understand he has an egg allergy but I don't think his allergy would be effected if he uses a wire to dunk eggs into die I would consult the pediatrician usually the allergy is effected by him digesting or touching a non shelled egg. If the shells on there I would think he'd be fine. Plus if this is te case he really can't and its not an over protective thing and your that positive he will have a reaction with a shell on the egg. Go to micheals and pick up fake eggs stickers markers and other stuff like paint so forth and have him decorate his own eggs at the counter while you and his sister does the table of dieing eggs. Just let him know he has to stay there or he will get sick. Good luck and I didn't mean to sound cruel if i did but I really think he will be fine dieing a shelled egg.



answers from Dallas on

There is an old set that teaches children the true meaning of Easter, but I cannot remember the name. I found this set which also tries to teach the true meaning of Easter. You might include this in your Easter celebration.



answers from San Antonio on

I know you already have some great responses, but as I was reading to my son last night, I remembered your post.

Great book for an easter basket (at any child age) is "Owen's Marshmallow Chick" by Kevin Henkes.

Also, looked through Martha Stewart Magazine. LOTS of crafy ideas on there, some not containing eggs. But for your daughter, great ideas for stenciling on the eggs. Here are 36 ideas (click the > button to scroll to the next idea). http://www.marthastewart.com/photogallery/kids-easter-crafts


answers from Detroit on

Hello B. ~ My 5 yr old daughter is also severely allergic to eggs...i came across this on the kids w/food allergies site

Six Egg Decorating Activities for Children with an Egg Allergy
Instead of using real eggs and egg cartons from the grocery store, try these fun alternative activities:

1. Wood Eggs
• Use colorful paints
• Carve designs in them
• Cover them with beads like traditional
2. Romanian eggs
• Coat eggs with chalkboard paint and use chalk to draw designs
3. Plastic Eggs
• Use colorful paints
• Decorate with stickers
4. Styrofoam® Eggs
• Use colorful paints
• Decorate with tissue paper or wrapping paper that has been dipped in a glue/water solution and cover with Mod Podge®
• Decorate with glitter
5. Plaster Eggs
• Make “plaster eggs” by using gauze available from a medical supply store. Blow up a water balloon and cut the plaster casting into strips. Dip the plaster casting into water and put on the balloon. Let dry for a few hours. (Note: this activity would not be safe for a child with a latex allergy)
• Decorate with string dipped in to a glue/water solution to stick and after it dries, use paint or gold foil to emboss.
6. Place wood, plastic, Styrofoam® or plaster eggs in new egg cartons from www.eggcartons.com

This article first appeared in the "Celebrating Easter with Food Allergies" booklet published in 2008, which has been updated in March 2009.

Download full booklet: KFA Celebrates Easter (PDF requires Adobe Reader )



answers from Norfolk on

This year my kids (who are almost 3) are getting a butterfly growing kit and a root-vue garden kit. Both are excellent learning toys, lots of fun, and around $20.00 on amazon.com. Its worth the money because they will be using both of the kits for a couple of weeks. Last year we got rain boots and jackets from target.

As for the easter egg substitute, oriental trading had wooden eggs and ceramic eggs that he could paint - he can probably even dye the wood ones in the traditional way and you could reuse them by painting them next year. $4.99 per dozen either way.




answers from Orlando on

I remember, as a kid, instead of decorating eggs in Sunday school (too fragile with a room full of little kids) we decorated the egg shapes of the egg cartons. The teacher would cut each egg holder piece out of the egg carton, turn it upside down and we would color, marker and glue sequins/glitter/etc onto them and have half of a decorated egg.

You could also use fingerpaint on plastic eggs and let the kids go to town painting the plastic eggs.



answers from Detroit on

I think I have seen wooden eggs that you can paint and decorate in festive easter colors and patterns. Check out websites, such as Heartsong, which has kids crafts for sale.



answers from Detroit on

HI B.---Looks like you've got some great ideas. Don't think there is much I can offer in that respect, but I do have a thought to share about your son's allergies. I can't imagine all the work you have to go through to make sure your son is not exposed to milk or eggs. Those foods are in EVERYTHING.

I know of a great 'treat' for your kids that is very healthy too. The company I work with juices 15 different fruits and veggies, dehydrates them and then puts the powders into capsules AND really yummy soft chewable gummies. The beautiful thing about these and your family situation is that we have several independent studies that show our product helps to balance the immune system. What this means for you is that, over time, your little one might be less harmed by those allergens if he were to ever accidently ingest them.

I work with a Dr. who has celiacs disease and can't have gluten. After consuming this whole food supplement, he no longer has any gluten antibodies in his bloodstream. He still will practice a gluten free diet, but he knows that if something were to get by his defenses, he won't have the severe reaction that he's always had in the past.

So, I aplogize if this is somewhat off topic, but I am very passionate about sharing this opportunity when I hear of a need. If this is important to you, then we should talk. If it is not, then I hope no harm. Good luck with your search. You sound like a really great mom and you'll do well.

Oh, I have recently found an absolutely fabulous cookie recipe that does not contain eggs or milk. Made with oatmeal, oat flour, applesauce and ground flax, they are pretty healthy as well. If you'd like the recipe, let me know. I found it in a Vegetarian Times magazine.

Have a great day! D. ###-###-####



answers from Chicago on

I always include a special book in my kids' baskets, along with a few treats (candy, marshmallows, cookies) and a toy or 2 depending on the size. At his young age, a book about the Easter Bunny would be a good choice and there are so many out there. I think the plant/butterfly idea is great and might include that this year.



answers from Detroit on

My Grand daughter is three. I found some great things at my dollar store. I got a bug kit so she can catch fire flies this summer. I got a bottle of bubbles. I got some play doh. You say you are of the christian faith so how about a children's bible he can take with him to church? Look for a children's book about Easter that you can read to him. How about some coupons? One could be for a trip to the park. One could be for Jammie day where he does not need to get dressed. Be creative. My kids loved these kinds of coupons. Are there resale shops in your area you could check out? They have great deals on all kinds of toys and things that would cost alot less then retail. With a good eye you can pick up good quality items at 80% off.



answers from Detroit on


Sounds like you want an alternative to coloring eggs. My suggestion would be to get him some of those little plaster figures to color. They sell them at Walmart, Michael's, etc. They're less than a $1 each so they're very economical too. I'm sure they have something in the Easter theme, possibly even eggs.

I'm sure he will have loads of fun!
Happy Easter!


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