Wizard of Oz Party Ideas.

Updated on April 14, 2009
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I am getting geared up for my daughter's 6th birthday later this month and need some more ideas for a Wizard of Oz themed party.

I already ordered the themed birthday party supplies from birthday express, but am still kind of searching for decorating ideas and games that are easy and fairly inexpensive to pull off.

If you dig around online, you can find some really great props, but the problem is, it's too expensive to justify for a 6 year old's party!

I would also love to even have a character appearance, but have no idea where to look for that, and again, it's a 6 year old's party...I don't want to go overboard. :)

Some of the things we are doing already are: Melt the Witch (draw the wicked witch) and then have a water balloon toss. Also, perhaps pin the heart on the tin man. (My mother-in-law and I both are artistic so we can draw things out) Also, musical chairs--yellow brick road style. :)

Also, I was going to let my kids paint the sidewalk around our house yellow with sidewalk chalk.

Any ideas would be really helpful.

Oh and I'm going to so a screen printed cake with my daughter dressed at Dorothy so that will be cute and easy to do too. :)

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So What Happened?

Hey everyone! I'm sorry for the delayed response, but I wanted to say thank you for all the great advice, and to tell ya'll how the party turned out. Forgive the randomness of this response, my 2 year old is climbing all over me as I type, so I won't have time to clean it up to make it flow better!

My family really just pulled together to make this a great party for my daughter. The men worked outdoors squaring away the yard for company. My sister-in-law hung up all my Hobby Lobby "Garden themed" items so we had flowers hanging from the 2nd floor to the first, and this garland of flowers ever so often hanging too. So instead of hanging a bunch of streamers, we had rainbow flowers.
My mother-in-law and my daughter made signs out of poster board that said things like "Magic Shoe Store" "Wicked Witchville" "Where's Oz?" etc We of course had a handful of helium balloons blown up around the house. I made some fruit plates, and we made some funky green punch (Sherbert and ginger ale), plus topsecretrecipes.com has a blue ocean water recipe, and I just turned it green instead of blue.

My mother-in-law and I did face painting. We had a dvd of wizard of oz playing in the background, but the weather was perfect so we stayed outside most of the time. The kids bounced on the trampoline, then they blew bubbles, played with pinwheels (again found those at hobby lobby on sale).

Also—Sam's Club has a great picnic table on sale for about $120. And they have a great bistro chair and table set, you can get lovely seating for four for about $100.

We had a cooler full of flavor-ice pops, and mini-water bottles and capri-suns. The kids loved the flavor-ice's.

Our big event was the "Melt the Witch" that I had painted using Tempra paints on cardboard. I have to tell you she turned out gorgeously wicked looking and we had kids throw water balloons at her. The loved that. It was such a hit, but no one believed that I was going to let the kids melt her. That was really time consuming because I drew her out, and then painted her.

We were going to do musical bricks (musical chairs) and make "Rainbow Gloop" but the kids were having so much fun we never got to it.

We also had cake and presents. I had walmart customize a cake for me using scrapbook supplies. I ordered some stuff from http://www.beyondtherainbow2oz.com/ and used a 12x12 piece of paper with the wizard's castle on it, and put a large Dorothy Die cut over it, and they scanned the cake for me. It turned out beautiful and it tasted good (white cake, with the white butter cream icing). Also, if you are like me, you like having everyone sign in and give good wishes to your kiddo's, so I made a page for everyone to sign and wish her happy birthday using scrapbook supplies from that same website with a 12x12 page.

If anyone is interested in seeing the pictures, let me know so I can share the birthday link with you. I haven't finished editing pictures, but I will soon and will be happy to show you how it turned out.

And in the goody bags, we had some green felt ladybugs I found from hobby lobby, the wizard of oz blow outs I got from birthday party express, we did a wizard of oz coloring book (printed from pages online I believe I found them through warner brother's website, or typed in wizard of oz printouts in Google's search engine. Plus they had rainbow M&M cookies and I think fun sized skittles in each package and some ruby red slipper stickers.

It was a really awesome day, and my daughter had a wonderful time!

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Your ideas are great, it sounds like fun. What about getting several large card board boxes and joining them together and drawing/painting Dorothy's house in Kansas and the Emerald City castle and letting the kids play in them like playhouses. We dressed as the Wizard of Oz characters last year for halloween because my 5 year old and 2 year old love the movie. I was the wicked witch, my 5 year old was Dorothy, my 2 year old was the Scarecrow, my baby was Glenda the good witch, and hubby was the tin man. I can tell you how to make a really easy and inexpensive tin man and you could be the witch easy too. Email me if your interested.



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In regards to character appearances - ask a friend! My best friend asked me to play Snow White and my husband to play Sponge Bob at a duel party for her son and her friend's little girl's bday party. She rented/purchased the costumes from a shop. My cousin had a convertible corvette, so he drove us up to the party (being held at a local park), and we were seated on top in on costumes - the kids went CRAZY when we arrived - it was alot of fun for everyone - and only costs involved were the costume rentals/purchases.



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I would paint the sidewalk yellow with tempera paint (test some on your back patio to make sure it washes off with a light scrub of a broom). Then, you could use green butcher paper and your artistic talent to turn your front door into the entrance to the emerald city.

If you have a front facing garage (you could use a flower bed to do something similar), you could put the witches legs sticking out from under the garage door.

How about a chase game (inside or out) where the kids gather poppies (remember teh poppy field scene?) you've hidden and the "wicked witch" tries to touch them. If they are touched, they have to fall asleep. "The good witch" can sprinkle sugar (snow) on them to wake them up and they can look for more poppies. The person with the most poppies at the end wins the prize.

For favors, try to find little baskets like Dorothy's and fill them a small bag of green jelly beans or gummy bears and an inexpensive WoO book.




When it is time to go home, ask them to click their heels together 3 times and say the magic words, then hand them their treat bags as they walk out the door.




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My sorority used the Wizard of Oz theme for one of our recruitment parties. Since one of our colors was green we used a lot of green and called it Emerald City. Have a green table cloth, cups, plates, etc.



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I got my 2 yr old daughter a pair of "ballet slippers" @ the dollar 'spot' section of Target...they are made out of some material that reminds me of dryer freshener sheets in pink and some ribbon. It would be so precious to find something like that, some red glitter, and some spray adhesive. All of the little ones could have their own pair.
You and I have exactly the same interests but I am way behind you b/c I cannot find the time to do all that I want to do! I am envious! Have a wonderful party!!



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Dress up! Mad Science does a witch melting, dorothy dress up bit in one of their kits...

then, there's always face painting... ;)

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