Do You Smell like Food After Cooking?

Updated on September 21, 2010
N.S. asks from Buffalo Grove, IL
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I know this is probably a WEIRD question, but after I fry up some foods I totally smell like grease! This morning I made bacon and pancakes and even though I had the range hood on my hair totally smells like bacon and so does my shirt. Now I have to shower and change my clothes.

Anyone else have this? Is that why people who work at McDonalds wear baseball hats?

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answers from Chicago on

I wear the same robe while I cook breakfast and then hang it outside for a bit. It always seems to smell like pancakes but at least my good clothes don't! I think you're to be congratulated for cooking a big breakfast!!!

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I like to cook bacon in the oven. Single layer on tinfoiled baking sheet at 400 degrees for 10 minutes. You still smell the bacon but your arms aren't covered in the grease. Also, get rid of the grease as soon as it cools by wrapping up the foil and throwing it away.

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As a pro chef when I cook my hair is encased in a wrap for two reasons. First the cooking smells from standing over food attach to my hair. Second any shedding of my hair I do not want to get into the food. Therefore I would suggest pulling the hair back and wearing a cap. We chefs do that for a reason. You will have smells in your hair, skin and clothing from your involvement with the food. That is why it is best especially having a dinner party that one showers and changes before the party. If you are serving others don't spray perfume prior to cooking. The natural smells of the food will meld well when you are cooking, serving and eating but yes you must shower and clean after the event to eliminate the smell, especially before you go to bed.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

Frying can smell up everything in my kitchen, including me! It seems to be my clothes, mostly. I try to wear an apron and get it in the wash as soon as I can.

As far as baseball caps at McD are concerned, many states require restaurant food handlers to wear hair restraints. This is so you won't find (or not find!) a long blonde hair in your Big Mac. In a number of fast-food franchises and other places, baseball caps are acceptable as hair restraints.


answers from Modesto on

I always wear an apron when frying, mostly to save my blouses from getting grease spattered, but it probably also absorbs the aromas as well. I made sausage and pancakes this morning but my husband said my hair doesnt smell like sausage, so I dont know what to tell ya for sure. If it does bother you, maybe you would want to put on your "chef" hat and apron before cooking in the future.



answers from Kansas City on

yes, it's why I hate making bacon even though I love eating it! I used to work at a movie theater and always smelled like popcorn, which was fine, because I love the smell of popcorn, even after 7 years of smelling like it. :-)



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When you work at the places that cook that food you leave smelling like you slept in grease! My brother worked at KFC or Churches when we were young and he smelled horrible. My Mom made him strip and leave his clothes outside when he came home.

To answer you question, there is nothing you can do except not shower or get dressed prior to making breakfast if it is greasy.



answers from Honolulu on

'Smells" are particles in the air... it floats around and adheres to us!
Same thing happens when I BBQ outside on the grill.



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My husband's family used to cook everything in oil so he did, too when he was cooking things. I started to realize when I went to work that I smelled pretty bad hanging out in the kitchen and/or I left baskets with clean clothes there. to answer your question -YES I am sure that is part of it and also why I am making sure I do not leave my baskets in the kitchen anymore. So,
you can always tell people who work in restaurants who haven't gone home. I have been in video stores and you can smell it across the way. Oh well, it's not a bad smell, but it sure is strong.


answers from St. Louis on

When I was younger, I worked at every fast food place known to man and I always smelled horrible after. The "smell" happens to me whenever I fry potatoes or make breakfast foods like you described. I also notice the house smells like "breakfast" all day long! Oh well, could be worse smells I guess! =)



answers from Seattle on

Yup... it's because the oil goes airborne. Typically as a fine mist. As a matter of fact frycooks are at high risk or oil inhalation pneumonia, which is a real pain (similar to emphysema).

It's why LONG before state regs said restaurant employees needed to wear hats that they wore chefs hats and caps that look like surgical scrubs. Not so that hair wouldn't get in the food... so food wouldn't get in the hair as MUCH. (Having worked in several nice restaurants food ALWAYS gets in your hair, under your clothes, etc... but the caps and aprons keep it from getting under as MUCH). It's also why women used to wear aprons and their hair up and under a kerchief when they cooked. But these days that's not "pc" so you only find those items in gourmet shops.



answers from Erie on

I work in the restaurant industry. Just an interesting factoid: The reason we are required to wear hats, visors, or the like is not because of the grease getting in our hair, or because of the risk of our hair getting in your food. I actually just asked my Health Inspector about this recently, while I was working at a local fair. It's because they don't want the worker touching their hair or wiping sweat off their forehead while cooking, so they require you to wear something that will catch the sweat on your brow and discourage you from running your hand over your hair. They want you to keep your hands as clean as possible ALL the time.

I always wear a bandana and tie my long hair back tightly, braided or in a bun, while cooking. I also wear an apron any time I cook, either at work or at home. After cooking greasy foods, I wash my face as soon as possible. You should never wear long sleeves while cooking, due to the risk of them catching on fire, so if you can, wear short sleeves or roll up your sleeves as far as you can. All of those things will also help to keep the grease from contaminating your clothes and hair.


answers from Houston on

yep, and it smells bad too! nothing you can do about it except fry less stuff.

I also read about keeping open vinegar next to the stove to absorb smells

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