Confused and Frustrated Need Help Fast. (Possible Miscarriage?)

Updated on March 01, 2011
D.V. asks from Dayton, OH
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Okay, i have been told by 3 different people that i miscarried, but then someone told me my body is just changing i need help.

(here's my story)

Me and my husband are trying to concive well I missed my period for 6 days then out of the blue i was bleeding, it was pinkish with brown and it looked like it had mucus in it, i woke up this morning and i was bleeding heavy and it was a very dark red with clots, i took my HPT anyways, when me and my husband looked at it, it said + then 2 seconds later it was a -. all through my missed 6 days i had cramps, well now that i am actully bleeding it hurts worst and i cant explain the pain. I am so lost at what i should do, can someone please help me out???? anything helps!

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answers from Portland on

A medical exam is the only way to get an answer re: pregnancy and miscarriage. A blood test may be able to tell if you've miscarried if hormone levels are still elevated. Then again you may not know. There is nothing that you can do at this point or earlier even. What will be, will be.

Feeling anxious, confused, frustrated are understandable emotions. Accept them and go with the flow. Accept that you may have miscarried. Know that it's common for first pregnancies to miscarry but that women go on to have a successful pregnancy afterwards. Take deep breaths and focus on the positive.

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answers from Kansas City on

It sounds like a possible miscarriage. :( I would call your doctor in the morning and make an appointment. Only they can tell for sure if it is or not. I hope it is not, but it sounds like a good possibility.

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answers from Richmond on

If you're TRYING to get preggers, you can actually trick your body into thinking it's pregnant (but this is a STRESS reaction, that's it). Stress causes your menstrual cycle to come late. As far as the HPT, if 2 seconds later it was negative, I am confident you were never pregnant to begin with, and MY opinion is that you simply had a late period, not a miscarriage. I think you're mind screwing yourself here because you want to be pregnant so badly.

Either way, you need to relax mama. It's VERY hard to concieve when it's forced. Don't take the fun out of sex with your hubby!! Things will happen when they're meant to happen, just take it easy ;)

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answers from Portland on

It may have been a misscarrage. :(
Or it might have just been a blood-clot. I had bad cramps and heavy bleading after my cycle was a 2-3 weeks late, so I called the nurse switch-board to get answers b/c I thought I had a misscarrage--but it was just bloodclots.
You should call your nuse switch-board and let them know what is going on...or at least talk to ur doc in the morn.
Good Luck. :)

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answers from Los Angeles on

Quite possible, you can go to your dr tomorrow and they can check your horomone levels to be sure. I was 6 weeks when I miscarried and I had cramping and some bleeding, I passed the ovum though so I knew.

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answers from Cumberland on

Sweetheart-go to the doctor-if he can't see you today-go to the ER-Good luck, Dear.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Although early miscarriage is extremely common (some women don't even know they are pg yet), you really do need to see your doc either way.
Good luck!


answers from Washington DC on

You need to be examined by a doctor...have them run a blood test on you - that will be the most accurate form of pregnancy test.

If your HgH levels are elevated - they will most likely do a sonogram to see if there is anything there. It's possible you are pregnant and taking multiple tests in one day will just stress you out.

I can tell you from experience the more stress you create on yourself to get pregnant- the harder your body will fight you. It took us almost 4 years to get pregnant. Then we "gave up" seriously - took all the stress off of us - we figured it wasn't in God's plan for us to have babies - and started doing other things...all the while having sex - but it was FUN again!!! :)

It's entirely possible that your body is reacting to the stress of trying to conceive. Go to your OB/GYN and get examined. If you are bleeding through more than one pad in an hour - get to the ER.

Good luck!!



answers from Minneapolis on

It's unlikely that you are having a miscarriage--but possible. You should not read an HPT before the time limit because of the likelihood of an error like you saw. With a period 6 days late I'd expect that the test would be strongly positive. A positive test will stay positive and generally get stronger throughout the testing window. Likewise, a negative test can sometimes show a faint positive after the time limit. I've had that happen several times. That said, if you are having pain in one side only, you could have an ovarian cyst or a ruptured cyst (not serious, very common, I've had several though they are very painful) and generally do not require medical intervention.

The brown blood means the blood is older and has been sitting around longer consistent with the late period. Nothing else sounds too alarming.

Years of infertility but regular perios, LOTS of contact with OBs and infertility doctors, tons of pregnancy tests and late periods and 3 miscarriages have taught me more than I ever wanted to know about PG tests, bleeding, missed periods and wishful thinking.

If you are in severe pain, see your doctor. Otherwise, it's probably just a bad period.

Also, if it is a very early MC, you don't need to do anything about it. You body is doing its job.

Good luck!



answers from Atlanta on

I don't think most women realize just how often they really do get pregnant only for the body to reject it. The main reason is due to chromosone abnormalities or similiar of the such-the body recognizes that something is wrong and rejects it naturally. It's not anything you did wrong it just happens sometimes. Most women don't even know it because it just naturally comes about the time of their period so that is what its chalked up to be.
I agree with the others maybe contacting your OB and see about getting a blood test done with your HCG levels would be more accurate. I think more than likely if you were pregnant you are mis-carrying it based upon what you are experiencing but I am by no means a doctor. You could also wait it out and re-test to see if you get another positive result. If it turns out negative then I would say its safe to say you miscarried. If it still turns out positive then you need to call your ob but I would vote on going to get an HCG blood test done because if you are indeed pregnant and bleeding like that you want to make sure everything is okay. Not to scare you but it could be "ectopic" which is basically what they presumed mine to be back in December. I'm so sorry I know how heartbreaking it is but just remember that it happened for a reason-something was wrong with the baby and nature took its course. As mothers we all want a strong healthy baby in the end with five fingers and five toes when its time it will happen and I agree that the ttc too much can actually prevent it-relax, go have some fun, and have sex without even thinking about it and I bet it happens when you least expect it. For me when I got pregnant the last time we had been trying for 11 months-I was ready to go on fertility however I am sooooo glad I didn't! I went for an HSG dye test a month later I was preggo and preggo with twins!!!!!!!! Me and my doc still laugh about that!

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