NEED! Recommendations for a Caterer to Provide Luncheon for 30 for House Party?

Updated on January 22, 2016
Y.S. asks from Frisco, TX
8 answers

Son is turning 16 and doing a surprise party and would like a cater on site your guidance is much appreciated Ladies. (Location: Mid Cities)

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answers from Miami on

I can't help you with a "caterer", and you aren't telling us how much you're willing to spend, what kind of food you want, or if the reason you want a caterer is because you don't want to have to fix the food, etc...

He's 16, so I'm assuming that this is mostly teenagers that you're talking about. Unless you really want this to be high brow and expensive, you can have someone bring food that makes it really easy for you.

I've had Subway Sandwiches party platters that have been very well received for teens. Don't know if this helps, but there ya are...

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answers from Boston on

Hi Latina,

Please reword your question so that the location city appears in the TITLE of the question rather than in the body of the question. I have no idea what "Mid Cities" means anyway, but if you posted it in the title (made simpler with something like "Need luncheon caterer in _____ Texas" and then put the details in the body of the question "30 people, house party" and whatever else you need, and then click the button for it being relevant to your geographical area, you will get MUCH better responses than if this goes nationwide!

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answers from Austin on

This is a very specific question. We're from all over the country on this site. But here are some basics:

Having a catered party means considering several things: your budget, your kitchen/yard/grill situation, dietary concerns (allergies), food preferences (for example, your son hates seafood but loves burgers, or wants BBQ, etc), the theme of the party (formal, informal, picnic, Star Wars, etc), the age range of the guests (teens and parents, teens and young children, just teens, just adults, etc), drink preferences (adult beverages properly supervised, or no alcohol at all, etc), and then time range of the party (from 2-6, or 7-10, for example). You'll also need to consider if you want lunch served when everyone is seated at the same time, or if you want a constant buffet going on. You need to decide if you're providing a birthday cake or if you expect the caterer to arrange for that. You need to decide if you want the cooking done at your home or if you expect the caterer to deliver hot food or food ready to serve (this depends on the size of your stove, the prep area, etc).

Ask to see the caterer's license, food handler's certificate, insurance, and ask for references. Then call those references. Ask if the caterer was prompt, sanitary, polite, agreeable, and how the food tasted. Ask how dietary concerns were addressed (with respect, or with subtlety, or with scorn).

Ask what dietary issues the caterer can address (how do they deal with gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, etc? Some caterers do not have a gluten-free option or other allergen-free menu items, or some need an exact count of the allergic guests and what allergies there are, and others have a wide range of food choices available for guest with allergies or religious or dietary restrictions).

Ask the caterer what they require of you. Who does the clean-up? What basic items do you supply (oils, sugar, salt, spices, etc)? Do they allow guests or the homeowner in the kitchen while they're cooking? What about plates, napkins, cups, flatware, serving ware? What time frame does the caterer require (how far in advance do they come to your home, do they need to come a few days before the party to look things over, etc)? Does the caterer serve the food, or bring prep cooks or servers or bartenders? Or do you do the serving and the caterer only does the cooking?

It would be better if you look at Yelp under caterers in your city. Or visit a couple of caterers and interview them. Bring photos of your cooking space and supplies, where the party will be held (backyard, indoors, etc), and your food preferences and allergy concerns.

But I hope those things I listed will give you some things to consider when choosing a caterer. I have worked for a caterer and these are many of the questions to consider.

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answers from Dallas on

I'm in the Dallas area.
It's hard to answer your question because what's your budget? What type of food are you looking for? Sandwiches? Sit down dinner meal? What's the venue? Dressy? casual?

Dallas is full of great catering from simple sandwiches like Jason's, Potbelly, etc to higher end restaurants. There's always food truck options but they do expect a minimum. Options I listed can be anywhere from about $8 per person upwards to $50 +.

Start with your budget and what kind of food you're thinking about.

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answers from Beaumont on

If you have a Jason's Deli, I'd use them. For boys that age, it needs to be a lot of meat and bread! :)

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answers from Washington DC on

yes. veggie annie or cookie's catering.
oh, you're not in MD? well, you could have restricted your question to your geographical area and actually solicited useful opinions.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Her name has her town right next to it, she's in the Houston megalopolis

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