Card/board Games for High School Boys

Updated on September 22, 2018
J.T. asks from Denton, TX
12 answers

Anyone have any ideas of some card and/or board games that high school boys might enjoy?? This is for a church youth activity and I have no idea what might be popular right now.
Thank you!!

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answers from Springfield on

I don't know about popular, but my husband and I love "Cranium." We always play it with my brother and his wife.

Another good one is "Code Names."

Uno is fun at any age, and it's never to early to teach then how to play Euchre!

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answers from Boston on

Monopoly is a good rainy day game tub it takes forever, so I wouldn't use it for a shorter program. Clue might be better. Backgammon is good for just 2 people. My son and his high school friends used to play Apples to Apples in a big group (I think there are 2 versions, 1 for younger kids - but it's been a while so I'm not positive). Pictionary and Cranium are good for teams, as are old fashioned Uno or Mad Libs.

Cards: rummy, Hearts (2 decks for a big group).

Check with area libraries and see if they have games to lend.

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answers from New York on

I have nieces and nephews in highschool... Euchre is a favorite. As is poker.
Pictionary is another one they play a lot of
But we are active and the favorites are 4 square, bean bags, soccer, croquet and basketball.. So even when there is snow on the ground they will all be outside shooting hoops or playing ball. Last christmas, in 2 inches of snow they had a competitive game of volleyball going!

Back when I was in high school the favorite games were spoons, hot potato, euchre, spades, and uno

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answers from Portland on

I agree with everyone below.

One of my teens - that age - just asked that we play Uno last week and we've been playing it since. It's easy to pick up (reminds me of Crazy 8's) and can't believe we haven't played it before. It's fun.

It depends on how much time you have. Risk and those kinds of games are fun, but take a long time to play. Cranium and those type (like Pictionary) are shorter and fun.

Apples to Apples is fun - adult version for that age.

We got that game where you stretch your mouth out with these plastic things like the dentist. Speak out? It's ridiculous and your drool. That can be a lot of fun - you can't play for long because your mouth will hurt, but it's hilarious.

Another game that is an app that is fun is Heads Up I think it is - I think it's from Ellen Denegeres and you just download it - I think it's free. We play that at our extended family gatherings sometimes. That can be hilarious - it's like charades. Anyhow - another idea :)

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answers from San Francisco on

Dungeons and Dragons!

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answers from Washington DC on

Even for a Church youth group? "MAGIC" can occupy hours of time.

Chess games are still "in"
My boys love to play Poker, Cribbage and Spades (they are 16 and 18)

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answers from Norfolk on

Monopoly is a classic.
So is chess, checkers and backgammon.

For card games, poker, rummy, etc.
Several decks of cards and a book of card games/rules will keep them busy learning several new games.

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answers from Washington DC on

bananagrams. risk. monopoly. genius.


answers from Santa Fe on

My high school son likes to play checkers believe it or not! He also likes Othelo. He likes the card game Munchkin a lot. He loves Settlers of Catan.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Telestrations is fun, but max of 8 people can play at once - not sure how many kids are in the group.



answers from Harrisburg on

phase 10 is an easy fun card game



answers from Rochester on

Uno or there is a new one called Dos that is similar to Uno. We love to play SkipBo and Left, Center, Right. Pass the Pigs is another fun game. There is a two person game and a multiplayer game.


Uno or there is a new one called Dos that is similar to Uno. We love to play SkipBo and Left, Center, Right. Pass the Pigs is another fun game. There is a two person game and a multiplayer game.

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