Bunions and Nonsurgical Comfort Options

Updated on February 03, 2016
S.R. asks from Scottsdale, AZ
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Calling all women with bunions. I have one that is starting to get painful. I don't want surgery. It sounds funny, but I have been putting duct tape over it and so far it has helped. But, some shoes that never used to hurt are starting to. Are there any gel pads or something similar that anyone has tried?

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answers from Chicago on

Kinesthetic tape, watch the videos on how to apply it, it will really help because it's made to improve circulation and stuff

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answers from Los Angeles on

Custom orthodics help. They aren't the fix-all, but help slow the process. My insurance covered it so perhaps yours might? Good luck.

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answers from Portland on

I got orthotics. They actually do work - they take the pressure off by having my foot walk differently. I also wear them in the house with sneakers. I just had to get shoes that fit my orthotics.
As for pads, I didn't find any that helped me.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hi, while I don't have bunions, I have had a few other foot ailments such as plantar's faciitis, neuromas and seasamoidtis. That said, I visited three different podiatrist, all of which basically just wanted to give me cortisones shots. Then via the website, and out of desperation, I came upon a podiatrist in Oregon who posts FREE videos of various foot ailments. After such, and NEVER once visiting this doctor (as I don't live in Portland, Oregon) I was able to finally and I say finally........... after 18 mos, get rid of my plantar's faciitis.. if you go to his website https://nwfootankle.com/foot-health/drill/3-problems/22-b...
he can an article on bunions and a free youtube video as to how you can help yourself... without surgery.. Dr Ray is amazing....
I have gotten more out of his videos and articles and haven't spent a dime.. whereas, the other podiatrists that I saw in person, cost me a fortune.. and I never had foot relief.. check out this guy... you ll love him!!
good luck

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answers from Oklahoma City on

My mother in law had the surgery and was extremely happy to have done it. She could wear her shoes again and she could walk, stand, and more. It wasn't that bad in all actuality. Talk to a foot doc and see what they think.

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answers from Dayton on

I suffered (maybe suffered is a bit strong ..but extremely painful) with my bunions for years. Eventually when I couldn’t stand it any longer (the pain would literally wake me up at night), I broke down and made an appointment with a podiatrist. I got 2 cortisone shots, and even though the shots hurt, if I have the pain again I will definitely request the shot. The shots were about 6 months ago and the bunions are still there BUT they don’t hurt! The podiatrist also fitted me with orthotics and it’s amazing how much better my feet feel. Our insurance covered the shots & the orthotics. I only had to pay for the office visit copay, I think it was $40.00.

One thing he did tell me was that if I felt the discomfort coming on again, to stretch/exercise my big toe by gently pulling/stretching it towards the opposite foot. Luckily I haven’t had any discomfort since receiving the shot.

Please don't wait as long as I did to get some relief.


answers from Norfolk on

You need shoes that don't pinch your toes together.
In fact - shoes that allow your toes to spread out would be best.
I don't think I'd like shoes with spaces for individual toes (I've seen them but haven't tried them so far), but Birkenstocks give you lots of toe room and great arch support.
Kalso Earth shoes are pretty good too.

Wearing something like this on occasion might help:




answers from Chicago on

I actually started buying shoes in a little bigger size. Who knows? probably only those I tell. ahhhh....I don't want surgery either


answers from Boston on

Use a toe separator. It is a clear(ish) rubbery disc about an inch long. It is best when you are wearing socks or hose. Put it between your big toe and the second toe. It pulls your big toe to the opposite foot to relieve the bunion. It is irritable initially but you will get used to it.

Give away or sell all of your pinched toe shoes and too high heels. It is too easy for the toe to go back to the bunion-causing state.

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