Flat Feet/ Hyperpronation

Updated on April 21, 2010
M.M. asks from Detroit, MI
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I am an active wife and mother of two wonderful children, 5 and 3 who keep me very busy. My question is, has any of my fellow moms ever heard of any procedures that will correct flat feet. I have flat feet and am considering it. My youngest has flat feet as well, but I realize that she is still growing and it may correct itself. If anyone has had the procedure or knows someone who has, I'd love to hear your experiences.

Thank you for your feedback!

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answers from Detroit on

I and 2 of my kids have flat feet also. Both of my kids have been fitted for orthotics. Something they wear in their shoes to correct the problem while they are still young (8 & 12). I started wearing them when I was about 30 and only needed them for a few years. Keep in mind they may not be covered by your insurance, so find out before getting a consult with a poditrist for dianoges and going to a special orthotics company to have them made. Glad I took care of it, it was causing severe back pain. Glad my kids won't have to go through that.

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answers from Benton Harbor on

I'm a Physical Therapist (although it would probably be a better question for a podiatrist). I can't say I've gotten any patients with corrective surgery for flat feet but I can tell you some things you can do to encourage an arch in your foot without surgery. Curling your toes (or toe flexion) will encourage more arch in your feet, I have clients try to pick up marbles with their toes and place them in a bowl. Or try crunching up a towel with your toes. Also make sure you have good arch support (but not too much) in your shoes. Also encourage your daughter to strengthen those toe flexor muscles too! Good luck!

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answers from Sioux Falls on

I have extremely flat, protated feet. I use Footleveler's Orthotics. I cannot walk without them. With them I do great. They cost about $400 and last approximately 2 years. I was recommended surgery years ago, but decided not to do it. Footlevelers are custom orthotics, if you are interested in them, google them and call the company and they will direct you to someone in your area to cast you.

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answers from Norfolk on

Arch supports (or shoes with built in arch support like Birkenstocks) are what works for myself and my son. I wear the clogs in the winter and the sandals in the summer and my feet are pain free. I put arch supports into my son's sneakers.

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answers from New York on

I have flat feet and my feet hurt alot. The pain is caused by a condition called plantar fascitis. because the foot is flat it causes the muscles and fascia on the bottom of the foot to become tight and pull. several things will help:

1. stretch your calf muscles. stand on a step backwards, hold on to the railing with one hand, position both feet so that your toes are on the steps and your heels are hanging off the steps then lean back slightly, you will feel a pull at the back of your calf because of the tightness you probably have. Do this exercise daily and when ever you think of it. It will help.

2. get a good pair of sneakers, new balance is recommended by the podiatrist here. They say the runners are best and the higher the shoe number the better example New Balance 321.

3. Try Dr. Scholls sports gel orthotics for women, they can be purchased at the drug store.

4. If the pain persist see the podiatrist and have custom orthotics made.

5. My podiatrist does a taping technique inwhich she tapes the bottom of my foot, she puts the tape on like a moccassin and I wear it a few days and it helps relieve the swelling and pain.

6. Put a water bottle in the freezer then use the frozen water bottle to roll your foot back and forth to help relieve some of the pain.

There is surgery but it should be your very very last option. The surgery is quite riskly and can cause lasting disability. Google Plantar Fascitis for more information

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answers from Topeka on

one of my children had flat feet when he was younger. he would not walk very far and often complained that his legs hurt. we went to Hanger orthopedics and had custom inserts made for his shoes. they had to be replaced as his feet grew, but he eventually outgrew the issue and does not have problems now!

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answers from Minneapolis on

I have high arches, so I can't speak personally about this. I wanted to share though that my ds has flat feet and toes out. I began taking him to a podiatrist when he was 5. I was concerned that his issue might not be just a foot issue, possibly dealing with hips as well. Luckily, his wasn't a hip issue and he has been wearing custom insoles to help improve his gait. I wouldn't wait on your daughter to grow out of this, but I would take her to a podiatrist to see what measures can be taken to help correct the issue.

Good luck!

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