Best Bed for a Bad Back?

Updated on June 07, 2007
P. asks from Allen, TX
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Does anyone else have a spouse with a bad back? What is the best bed? There are so many choices. Both chiropractors suggested a Sleep Number bed. We bought the $5,000 model (yes, we're desperate for a good night's sleep and they had a no-interest financing deal) and we are planning on sending it back!!! It's awful. But now what? I looked at the Sleep Expert's web site and they suggest "Nature's Rest", "BeautyRest" or "Tempur-Pedic". Does anyone have experience with these or a different recommendation? Thanks so much!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the great advice everybody! We returned the Sleep Number (they charged us $350 for delivery and pick-up.) We just got a Tempur-Pedic Celebrity today so I'll let you know how it goes. They have a 2 year financing no-interest deal going on. That helps. By the way, if you see a chiropractor they can write you a prescription for a bed and you won't have to pay sales tax.

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Tempurpedic is suppose to be the best, but it gets very hot(felt like we were sweating all the time) and it was too squishy. I agree that a firmer matress with a foam topper is the way to go. I've had Back Supporter,Tempur, etc. that the sales people said were wonderful for the back and unfortunately-after a lot of money spent, my back felt ten times worst. Hope you find the right one.



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Hi P.,

No spouse here with a bad back... it's me! I have a back/neck injury from my youth and tried out a variety of beds (and other sleeping arrangements!) over the years trying to find the best choice.

What I had to do when I was pregnant was sleep on the floor on a 2" thick memory foam mattress topper - it was the only thing that worked!

Now, I find that very, very firm mattress with a 1" memory foam topper works well (the 2" thick one was too "squishy" over the mattress) - and my husband finds that it's fine for him, too.

I think it depends on what's wrong with your husband's back as to what will work best for him. I do find that the firmer beds have always worked better for me. Oh, and don't forget the pillow! I know that my neck injury makes that more important for me, but having the right pillow can help keep the entire spine aligned right.

I'm not sure that helped any, but I can sympathize and hope you find something that works!



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We bought a Temper-knock off on eBay 3 years ago & we love it. It has done wonders for both mine & hubby's backs. It was under $450 w/ shipping (queen) wouldn't trade it for the world. We both sleep pretty "hot," too- no complaints.




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Check out the SAT bed. I think it is My parents got one in February and LOVE it.



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Hi P., my husband and i have gone through the same experience with the sleep number and several others. Why really got me is one day we went to visit some relatives and they had really cheap mattresses. We were getting prepared for a really bad rest. But actually we ended up feeling wonderful the next morning. The bed we slept in had the right firmness. So naturally we inquired. They told us that the mattresses that we loved so much only cost 99 bucks. We were shocked. So go look in the greensheet or something of that nature and try one of those cheap mattress. At least for 100 bucks if you don't like it, it's basically throw-away or recycle.

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