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Moving from Crib to Toddler Bed-what's the Plan?

Our friends did the day bedtoddler bed first Our friends son is doing great in it and is still there Our other set of friends girls kept falling out of it ...

Kids Wander into Parents' Room in the Middle of the Night

We've gotten them to sleep on the floor by our bed in inflatable ... it tried all the charts and rewards as well) we took something away the next day ( tv, ...

Is He Ready for a "Big Boy" Bed??

I took one side of the railing off and it now serves as a day bed, but he will be 3 soon and still has no interest in the car bed. ...

Too Soon for Toddler Bed?

Still takes two naps a day. She will be 18 months old when #2 arrives. Her crib does convert to a toddler bed. Trying to think of the best (and most ...

Need Help Choosing a Bunk Bed for My 3 and 4 Year Old Girls!

We are going to be purchasing bunk beds but are not sure what. ... down in the mornings, and not have to worry about them playing up there during the day. ...

Bunk Beds

We grew up with trundle beds - a great option for lower ceiling. The trundle can easily be put away during the day for more play area in the bedroom. ...

2Yr Old Always Asking to Be Picked up All Day and into the Night!

So it doesn't bother me to have a child in the middle of the bed unless we end up ... Not at night...but at a calm time during the day. Can you give him a ...

Convertible Cribs

We used the crib, and then switched it over to the toddler/day bed thing & it worked for sure. I did end up having to buy an actual toddler bed though b/c I ...

Need Clever Snack Ideas for PJ Day at School!

Read all 8 responses: "My sons 1st grade class is having a Pajama day at school ... What about little beds? Maybe a gummy bear asleep on a rectangle cookie, ...

Sleep Number Bed problems...anyone Hate Theirs?

We bought a Sleep Number bed last January. We absolutely hate it! They do have a 30 day gaurantee, But the first two weeks my husband had been in India on ...
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  • they come into your room in 2 answers "... AND A LOT OF SLEEPLESS NIGHTS BUT I NEVER GAVE IN .IF THEY COME INTO YOUR ROOM ..."
  • got bunk beds in 2 answers "... a warning not to put any children under age 6 in the top bunk. We got bunk beds ..."
  • sleeping in the top bunk in 2 answers "... enough, so they don't sit up and hit their heads when sleeping in the top bunk."
  • end up having to buy in 2 answers "... to the toddler/day bed thing & it worked for sure. I did end up having to buy ..."
  • those side rails in 2 answers "I got a set of those side rails to put under the mattress so she couldn't fall out."