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Need Advice About Holding a Child Back in First Grade

Read all 12 responses: "I'm looking for advice/experience in having a child repeat a grade. In our case, we're considering whether to have our son repeat ...

Ovarian Cysts + Back Pain?

Read all 26 responses: "I have endometrosis and ovarian cysts. I was just wondering, has anyone else has had back pain when their cysts act up?

14 Yr Old Daughter Having Back Pain

Read all 10 responses: "My 14 1/2 year old daughter began complaining of back pain about 6 weeks ago. She is small framed and thin.

Going Back to School

Read all 10 responses: "I'm thinking of going back to school.Taking up something in the medical field. maybe nursing,etc. any suggestions?"

Son Complaining of Head Pain in the Back of His Head.

Read all 30 responses: "Hello, my 7 year old has been complaining of headahces for a while now. (No other symptoms.) I give him Tylenol or Motrin and it ...

Help with 5 Year Old Talking Back to Teacher & Parents

Read all 16 responses: "My 5 year old daughter talks back whenever she doesn't get her way or gets an answer she doesn't like. Time outs don't seem to help.

Pulled Muscle in back(?)...what Worked for You?

Read all 16 responses: "I think I have pulled a muscle in my back...suffered with it for a week and finally made it to the doctor.

Post-epidural Back Pain

Read all 13 responses: "I gave birth in January and they gave me an epidural to help me dilate. When I came home from the hospital, it felt like someone ...

Severe Back Pain

Read all 7 responses: "On Sunday, out of the blue, I began having back pain. It is in my lower back in the spine. It has become severe.

Extreme Low Back Pain 3Months After C-section.

Read all 5 responses: "I had my 3rd child Dec.1st and first c-section.I hads to havea scheduledc-section because my son wasso big thedoctor would not let me ...
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